Wearable Technologies are hitting the Gym

We already talked about some fitness trackers in our last Wearable Technologies News Roundup. Everybody knows, there are tons of activity trackers out there, and the number is growing by the day. Most track steps and heart rate. But there are also those trackers that measure more than that, like your muscle measurement and trackers for action sports. Here are some gadgets that will actually count the crunches, push-ups, jumps, body composition and more.

Skulpt Aim

Almost everybody who tries to lose weight knows this feeling: You work out, and work out, but you don’t really see a difference when getting on the scale – on the contrary, you seem to gain weight instead of losing it, muscles weigh more than fat. Skulpt has the solution for this. Aim is body composition measurement device and individual muscle analyzer in one small device. It measures how current flows through individual muscles to evaluate their quality and fat percentage. Aim’s sensors collect thousands of data points and convert them to precise metrics, recognizing the smallest improvements. The device itself is smaller than a smartphone and water-resistant. You only have to press Aim to a major muscle to get an immediate reading. The results are displayed right away and synced to your personal online dashboard. Skulpt used a technology already in use in US hospitals for the device. Skulpt is currently crowd-funding the Aim on Idiegogo where you can pre-order the device for $119. After this it will be available for $199.


If you do have a smartwatch, specifically a Samsung Galaxy Gear, this app is for you. Focus’ Trainr is an app developed to be your personal trainer. You can automatically track your workouts and improve them by adjusting your routines. TRAINR tracks you exercise and your repetition, sets, and rest periods – you don’t have to manually enter it. And it is easy to use. Before using TRAINR you need to complete a diagnostic by performing a few exercises. The device tracks the movements and uses this information to give you your personalized workout based on your training level. TRAINR learns how you train and adjusts the workout accordingly. According to Focus, anyone with the newest and most powerful smartwatch on the market today gets access to TRAINR. The Samsung Galaxy Gear is available at any mobile and electronics retailer and Focus’ TRAINR can be downloaded from Samsung’s App Store.


NZNLabs launched LIT in April 2013. The device is made for all those who love adventures and action sports.  LIT’s sensors analyze movements around the clock and scores your activity and action. It does this by tracking and interpreting steps, distance, duration, intensity, strokes, paddles, jumps, rotation, turns, g-force, airtime, and more. Surfers, snowboarders, skiers, skaters, mountain bikers, the LIT is a sturdy device, built for extremes and is waterproof to 30 feet. Being modular, LIT can be worn on the wrist, belt, on a lanyard and just about anywhere. Its battery life is about a week, the tracked metrics depend on the activity. All this information is saved in the cloud through your smartphone and Bluetooth 4.0. And LIT is social – for all your achievements, you earn points. With these points, you can challenge yourself, your friends or anybody else. LIT will be available for $149.

LIT Vibe Reel – the activity tracker for action sports from NZN Labs, Inc. on Vimeo.



Going to the gym is mostly a boring endeavor, especially when you are on any cardio equipment. After moving on from Activision, the creators of Guitar Hero started Blue Goji and developed Goji Play. Goji Play has three parts: two wireless game controllers and an activity tracker. The game controllers can be attached to any cardio equipment, the activity tracker measures your movement, which gives your characters inside the games more power. You need an iPad, an iPod or an iPhone. With the Goji Play app you can access a whole bunch of different games and other apps. It is also great for families, since each unit can handle multiple players, saving their goals, games, social profiles and more. You can buy the Goji Play through Amazon or on Blue Goji’s website for $99. To watch a video of all features, click here.


This text has been written by Andréa Catel de Prates Soares and published by Zuriñe Dopacio González

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