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WT | Wearable Technologies is a global pioneer in innovation and market development platform for technologies worn on, near, or inside the body. We are based in Munich, Germany and San Francisco, California, USA.

WT | Wearable Technologies in the Press

Wearable technologies will be everywhere in our future lives: from addressing critical needs in the health care and elderly care sectors to providing enhanced gaming experiences.

Christian Stammel

Wearable Technologies

Worldwide 50 million “wearable” devices were sold last year. For 2014 we predict over 75 million, predicts The Wearable Expert, Christian Stammel, from Wearable Technologies AG.

Notker Blechner


WT | Wearable Technologies CEO, Christian Stammel – thinks that wearables will diverge into fashionable accessories; functional but invisible technologies used for social media alerts and health and wellness purposes…

Conor Farrington

Fashion Notes

The future wearable devices will either be products that consumers want the world to see, or be completely concealed.

Anne Morris

Fierce Wireless