Endless Fashion Week

Wowcracy and Wearable Technologies teamed up to offer a highly curated space for companies and creative minds to create the best fashion wearables on this planet. The new space enables them to launch campaigns to put forward highly innovative wearable technology projects for fashion and design.

The partnership between Wowcracy and Wearable technologies AG allows designers and companies to test the market, to calibrate production, to produce on the base of pre-orders and to receive quality feedback directly from the final customers via a dedicated crowdfunding campaign.

During the campaign uploading process, designers and companies, will receive tailored assistance from Wowcracy and Wearable technologies AG. The wearable technology industry is growing fast, bringing to life new items almost every day; in this new vibrant market, Wowcracy and Wearable technologies have recognized the need to offer a space designed for creative minds and brilliant technology specialists, to let them test and launch their visions without compromises.

Wowcracy is the place where fashion happens first, providing the tools to enable brands to launch and to test new fashion items continously reaching a global audience.

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Johanna Mischke
Johanna Mischke () is Editor-in-Chief at WT | Wearable Technologies – the pioneer and worldwide leading innovation and market development platform for technologies worn close to the body, on the body or even in the body. Besides being an expert for wearables and their broader ecosystem she is experienced in the startup world and international marketing. Johanna can be reached at j.mischke(at)wearable-technologies.com.