“We tear down products for a living” – Interview with Joel Martin

WT is partnering up with Teardown.com, a specialist think-tank that analyzes and literally opens up devices that are launched new unto the market. The level of analyses of the ´teardowns´ is deeply respected by the engineering world, as well as their fair and throurough expert reviews.

WT interviewed Joel Martin, the SVP & General Manager of Teardown.com before kicking-off the expertise partnership with the engineers from Teardown later this year.

What does a ´Teardown´ stand for?

“A Teardown is the analysis of the semiconductor components, mechanical processes, and technologies of a consumer electronic product. It answers the “How much?”, “Who’s inside?”, and “How did they do that?” questions. A Teardown is the equivalent of doing mathematical proofs when you already have the end result.”

Which products would be in your top 5 to tear down?

“What is on everyone´s list but we will probably get our hands on these: Karbonn Octane Plus, Apple Watch, Apple iPhone 6 (the quick turn Teardown of the Apple iPhone 6 was published mid-September on the website), an auto WiFi hotspot device and the mophie PowerStation mini.”

What is the driving force behind Teardown.com?

“For 15-years we’ve been analyzing the electronics that have become part of our everyday life and have great insight into the complex ecosystems that work together to create and deliver the features that businesses and consumers demand. As it takes a village to raise a child, in this case a product, many companies seek for the insight and learnings that can be delivered through our teardown analysis and expertise.”

“We tear down devices for a living, basically and we are experts in providing in-depth intelligence.”

What is the technology field you master most?

“Cellular and short-range wireless technologies used in consumer electronics such Mobile devices, tablets and wearable gadgets.”

How would you envision a live teardown of products at an event?

“We have done this before. I envision 2 Analysts, 1 exclusively for the disassembly/photography, 1 for component identification and block diagram creation. Execution: a connected digital home product like a thermostat; a fitness band of some type a little more complex than the MiBand 4, and a 2G cellular phone, etc.”

“We actually have a video posted that shows one of our anlysts taking apart the Apple iPhone 6:”

How would you describe the relationship between WT and Teardown?

“We both look at the emergence of new technologies and how consumers can stay informed, make better purchasing decisions, and discover and understand what the future holds as technology becomes further ingrained in our daily lives.”

For more information, please visit www.teardown.com

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