Christophe Bianchi (Feeligreen) about “dermoPatch” – Active Iontophoresis for Medical and Cosmetic Applications

Feeligreen, finalist of the WT | Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup and winner of the category healthcare and wellness have developed a revolutionizing electronically controlled medical device designed to actively diffuse drugs through the skin, in an ionized form. dermoPatch could for example be used in the prevention of bedsore prevention, controlled pain-relief, wound healing, anti-ageing treatments, thinning and firming. Christophe Bianchi, Founder and CEO, gives us more insights into the technology:

1)    Christophe, you have been working in the High-Tech industry since 25 years. Did you feel there is a need for smart products for the dermo­-cosmetic, dermo-pharma and dermo-medical market segments? How did you come up with the idea for Feeligreen?

One of the theories I have developed over my career is that innovation tends to occur at the intersection of different science fields. Being curious and passionate about science, I have looked at many domains and realised that the medical field was one of huge challenges and that what I learned in electronics and semiconductors could have a real impact. Digging deeper, I found out that iontophoresis, a biological phenomenon discovered in the 1970s, could be combined with the latest developments in integrated electronics, printed bio-electronics and chemistry to develop a product that would increase the efficiency of existing cures.

This is where it all started…

2)    dermoPatch can actively diffuse drugs through the skin. Can you tell us more about the technology behind it? Where do you see potential fields of application?

When applying a controlled micro-current across the skin barrier, you create the ability to increase the pharmaco-kinetics of ionised drugs and allow for greater transdermic diffusion of active molecules, thus improving their efficiency in the treatment of certain types of local pathologies.

The fields of application for our technology platform, which can be configured and customised for a large range of drugs, covers multiple treatments such as neuropathic chronic pains, skin cancer, bedsores, arthritic pains, phlebology, tendinitis, diabetes, needleless vaccines, as well as cosmetic applications such as anti-ageing, depigmentation and cellulitis.

3)    What is the benefit of your solution compared to other treatments? 

Our primary focus are safety and efficiency. As we are dealing with very active drugs (such as skin cancer treatments), we must guarantee utmost control of the conditions and quantities of drug delivery.

This is combined with a large effort in developing innovative manufacturing processes that allow us to reach the price-point that will enable rapid adoption of our technologies.

4)    What was/is the biggest challenge you had/have to face whilst developing your product?

If it was only one challenge, it would not have been fun for an engineer 🙂 More seriously, the biggest technological challenges reside in the intersection of chemistry, electronics, material and life science. Making it work in-vitro is “easy”, but guaranteeing its safety once applied to a real person, who could suffer from multiple ailments is extremely challenging.

5)    When will it be available? Can you estimate the price?

The first versions of our platform will be available through our partners (we are a B2B company developing products in collaboration and with large pharmaceutical and medtech companies) within the next 2 years.

6)   What is your favorite wearable product (besides your own of course)?

There is one product I wear 24/7 and it is the wedding ring of my father who died 3 years ago. My father was a nuclear physicist, passionate about all fields of science, from vulcanology to astrophysics, and this “wearable” is a constant reminder that science should be put to good use: this is probably why our tagline is “Technology for Better Healthcare”!

Interested in meeting Christophe in person? You can meet him at our booth at MEDICA 2015 in Dusseldorf from November 16-19, 2015.

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