It Is a Very Exciting Industry, Where Nothing Is Set in Stone

In the run up to our first conference in Milan we interviewed speaker Reka Kovacs from startup LIBER8.

1. What is the most important thing you learned while being involved in the topic of wearable technologies?
I learned to appreciate how diverse and complex this industry really is, and how crucial wearables are in building a better future. It is really amazing what miniaturization, some sensors and a clever design is capable of today. It is a very exciting industry, where nothing is set in stone and there are limitless possibilities. I am really excited to see what wearable invention will be introduced to the market next and where people will take the current technologies in the near future.

2. How can your company help bringing the world of fashion and the world of technology closer together?
We created a high fashion – high tech accessory, and both the fashion and the tech worlds are seamlessly integrated in our bracelet. The arc is a luxury bracelet, you can continuously change the pattern and the displayed design on it to always match your mood and outfit. What we see currently on the wearable market – there is a divide between technology and fashion, companies seem to have a difficult time catering for both. Tago arc is a jewellery that is stylish and fashionable with innovative technologies that contribute to creating an accessory that takes customization to a whole new level.

3. What is your favorite wearable product/device (besides your own) of 2015?
My favourite wearable products are created by – a startup creating a wide variety of fashion wearables: smart technology accessories that people will actually want to wear with fitness, notification and security functions. They work around the same philosphy as we do, instead of pushing another smart gadget onto the consumer they create something beautiful and timeless in its elegance that consumers will want to buy and wear, because it complements their look, outfit, character or mood.

Find more info on Reka here and more on the LIBER8’s E Ink bracelet with endless designs – the tago arc – here.

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Johanna Mischke
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