Personal Safety

Walking around alone in the middle of the night can be scary – especially for women. It doesn’t matter if you are walking home from a party or backpacking in an unfamiliar country. In this article we will show you a few wearables that make you feel like someone is with you all the time. They might not prevent a potential attack per se but notify your friends and family that you are in a dangerous situation.

Artemis is a smart jewelry which comes in three different designs. When you sense danger just tap the device three times to activate it. The device then starts audio recording and calls your emergency contacts to let them know your location. If you activate the sensor by accident you just deactivate it via your smartphone.

Safelet is fashionable bracelet that notifies your contacts about where you are. You activate it by clicking on the button located on the bracelet. The bracelet is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth and is equipped with microphone so the attack can be audio recorded which can also be used as evidence during the court trial.

A small pendant called Amulyte can be worn on a necklace. It can be activated by pressing on its help button and it is has an embedded microphone and a speaker which allow two-way communication. You can actually talk to your emergency contacts and give them know even more information during the potential assault.

You can wear Stilleto as a vintage jam which comes in different designs to match your style. It is embedded with a microphone, vibration motor and alert speaker. A good thing about it that is water resistant. Not only that it calls 911 for the USA consumers it also calls other emergency contacts around the world.

Cuff – our all-time favorite from last year’s WT | Wearable Technologies Conference in San Francisco – is a beautiful designed jewelry and a safety device in one. It also makes sure that you don’t miss important phone calls. Every time someone is trying to reach you, your bracelet or necklace will start vibrating and letting you know someone is calling you.

Two other brands that we would like to mention here because they offer similar functionalities are Bembu and Leaf.

Anti-Theft Charm Alarm keeps your personal belongings save and protected. The system includes a piece of jewelry and a smart card which you put in your wallet. If your wallet or bag is suddenly moving away from you, the smart card activates a loud alarm so the thief knows he is being caught. The Charm also notifies the movement of your belongings by flashing and vibrating on your wrist.

Women are not the only ones who need protection. The next few devices also have a bit more manly design:

The React Sidekick is a low-energy, wearable Bluetooth safety device that pairs with a safety app. It can be worn on a clip, keychain or snap hook and activated by pressing the emergency button. Like other safety gadgets this one too notifies your contacts and lets them know where you are.

Live smart, live more, fear less is the moto of our next company. Revolar is a very small device that can be easily hidden under your clothes, which means that it is not noticeable at all. It is connected with an app on your smartphone and you activate the device by clicking on emergency button. Your loved ones are immediately notified when you are in trouble and are also provided with GPS location. It works worldwide and it is compatible with iPhone and Android. It is embedded with easily replaceable battery that lasts for months.

Shadow is a Bluetooth enabled panic button, which can be worn as a key chain, wristband or other type of accessory. It can communicate with your smartphone over a range of 120 ft. You can save a high and low severity emergency scenario and for each one you can choose, who is contacted and what message will be sent.

Sometimes the attack happens so fast that there is no time to activate a safety sensor. That’s one of the reasons why we chose The First Sign to be our Gadget of the Month in May 2014.

So hopefully wearable tech will be bringing you home safe and sound at all times and with so many options on the market you can find safety gadget that suits your taste and lifestyle. However there’s one problem area we see for some of these devices when they work with a SIM card and in case you are travelling abroad. It is likely that your safety wearable will be a very costly bodyguard then.

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