Train Your Brain!

We all know staying fit is important for our health. That’s way some of us started tracking our heart rate, steps. And not to mention the amount of money we spend on gym memberships at least for the sake of our conscience.

But unfortunately way too often we forget to train the most important organ in our body: Our brain. It defines us as individuals and makes us human. In case you have no idea of how to train your brain we have compiled a list of the latest wearable brain wave and EEG devices for you:

BrainLink is a headset that reads your brain activity. It connects with smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth. You can choose from 20 apps games that will help you train your focus or help you stay longer in a meditating state. The device is great for children that have problems with staying concentrated because it allows parents to see the child´s progress by using a cloud brainwave database.

Versus helps you play with your brain wave. Designed as a headset it records your brainwave activity. You always wanted to move things with your mind? Now you can. In a racing game app you can move a car by producing the correct brain wave. With this kind of training you can learn how to produce a desired brain activity which helps you to be more aware of your thoughts.

Muse is another EEG headpiece that is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It allows you to get real -time feedback when your mind wanders, which allows you to identify your distractions immediately and train your focus and concentration. After each series you can see the results of your exercise in form of graphs and charts. By using the Calm app you can see your progress over time and see potential areas of improvement.

Melomind is designed to relax. This headset measures how relaxed your mind is at any given time. By using headphones and listening to music you can relax further and get a real time feedback on your smartphone and see how relaxed you really are.

Narbis helps you to understand your brain’s behavior and patterns. The company claims to use programs developed by NASA and helps you to see right away when your mind drifts off. It uses sensors which are connected to eye glasses. The lenses are clear when your mind is focused and get darker when your mind wanders off. You can connect Narbis to your smartphone or PC and use the Narbis app for choosing different training programs. The company claims that by doing a 30 minutes session twice a week you can already see the improvement of your brain’s overall performance. A great thing about this device is you can read a book work on your computer or even watch TV and still training your brain at the same time.

There is a lot of buzz around Thync although it hasn´t been launched yet. We don´t know much about this device but is said that device will use a combination of ultrasound and electricity applied to specific parts of the brain. The company claims Thync is able to induce strong feelings of energy or calmness.

Brain Control by Liquid Web is a device primarily designed for people with ALS and other movement and communication disorders. The brain-computer interface technology interprets the electrical signals that correspond with certain brain activity and allows a computer or other external devise to be controlled with thoughts. It allows patients to communicate their feelings and needs.

4D Force offers a brand new headset with wireless ergonomic design for measuring brain wave activity. The new device is unique because it uses dry and flexible electrodes that fit perfectly to the skull which makes it considerably more comfortable to wear over a longer period of time. The device can for example be used for kids with ADHD.

Depression rate is higher than ever before so these products might be able to help to actively learn how to stay present. Also Children can´t commit to meditation and no matter how beneficial and popular spirituality is, it is just not for everybody. So we think playing fun games and getting positive results at the same time is definitely an appealing way to work your brain.

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