Innovations presented at WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2015 USA in San Francisco – Part 1

Our 16th WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2015 USA in San Francisco on July 9-10 is approaching quickly! Within our 31,000 square feet exhibition area at Fort Mason Center – Festival Pavilion, we are enthusiastic to combine a comprehensive variety of exhibiting companies next to a state-of-the-art conference line-up. Our WT | Wearable Technologies Innovation Show represents the entire WT ecosystem; meaning companies of all sizes, from all market segments. Below a first peek at some of our exhibitors this year:

Calling all fitness fans amongst us! You should not miss market giant Polar who created the first wireless heart rate monitor back in 1982. They are joined alongside by one of their partners Clothing+. Clothing+ is a Finnish developer and manufacturer of textile-integrated biometric sensors. Firstbeat’s solution transfers heartbeat data into rich, actionable insights on personal exercise, stress, sleep, and recovery. The data collected by Fristbeat is designed for professional and hobby athletes. If you desire to push yourself to the limit, Wearable Life Sciences’ full body Electro Muscle Stimulation suit (ANTELOPE) could become your future training outfit.

ACTON’s RocketSkates are the world’s smallest transportation device. This crazy cool product will be cruising around our exhibition area, as well as present on stage. OURA, the world’s first wellness ring, measures your sleep quality. This can help improve your sleep quality, adjust activity and daily behavior. Yet, if you prefer wearing a wristband over a ring, Movo could be perfect for you. For only 29.99 USD the device tracks steps, distance, calories burnt through out a normal day.

You are a fan of swiss design watches? Then visit Mondaine which will present their first smartwatch measuring sleep quality and activity – with an impressive battery life of two years.

The health market still is one of the biggest one in the WT industry. New products are developed constantly. Cloud DX’s Pulsewave® Health Monitor (FDA-cleared) for example records a pulse wave signals from the wrist. Their necklace can continuously record movement, blood pressure, ECG, pulse oximetry, temperature, respiration, and pulse rate.

AiQ Smart Clothing is one of the key innovators in merging electronics with textiles. Their functional fashion and comfortable solutions meet your everyday needs. AiQ Smart Clothing provides solutions for all WT market segments.

Continua joins us with some of their partners and is happy to explain their services, tell you about their network and services for personal connected health.

You are more interested in enabling tech? Here you can have a look our exhibitors showcasing sensors, batteries, circuits and semiconductors at the 16th WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2015 USA in San Francisco.

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