Innovations Presented at WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2015 USA in San Francisco – Part 2

Enabling Technologies are an indispensable part of the WT ecosystem. Without sensors, batteries, communication tools or new materials, all those cool new devices we find every day could not be realized. Like announced earlier this week, here an overview about our exhibitors at the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2015 USA in San Francisco covering the technology behind the devices.

Let’s start with the “heart” of our wearables – batteries. The demand for eco-friendly, minimized charging tools with a long life cycle is huge. We are happy to have two leaders in this field in San Francisco – both with completely different approaches and products. Find out which meets your needs best. WT’s long term partner VARTA Microbattery is one of the world’s leading battery manufactures. They develop and produce batteries for all major electrochemical systems and cell geometries and certainly have the right product to integrate in your device. Ascent Batteries will present Lithium-Polymer rechargeable batteries, meeting the ever-growing demands for performance, energy density, safety, light-weight and longer cycle life.

To measure body vital signs, temperature or other parameters you will need sensors. Sensor = sensor? Not at all! Find out about the differences and talk to our exhibitors onsite. Shimmer design, manufacture, and transform wireless sensing systems, and won several awards for their clinical grade sensor tech. They manufacture and transfer tailor-made wireless sensing systems for all market segments. Uneo will showcase their hair-thin pressure-sensing electronic skin technology which is not only suitable for the consumer market (e.g. headphones, smartwatches, gaming devices), but also for healthcare, fitness and industrial applications. Sensirion will be demoing their chip-scale packaging technology in humidity and temperature sensors.

You are more interested in semiconductors? No problem, visit the following exhibitors: MediaTek Labs is the global developer hub for device creation, application development, and related services based around MediaTek offerings. MediaTek is a pioneering fabless semiconductor company and a market leader in Systems-on-Chip for Wearables, Internet of Things (IoT), smartphones, and many more. TDK offers a wide range of semiconductor tech, like wireless charging solutions, patented SESUB technology for embedding chips in substrate, RF modules and components as well as sensors. NXP Semiconductors offers a wide range of product to create secure connections for a smarter world, e.g. for the Connected car, Cyber Security, Portable & Wearable and the Internet of Things.

We are also happy to welcome companies showing (amongst others) circuits at our event. Dialog Semiconductor will show highly integrated, mixed-signal integrated circuits optimized for personal portable, low energy short-range wireless, LED solid state lighting and automotive applications. Flexible Circuit Technologies is a leading supplier of flex circuit design, rigid flex circuits, flexible circuits and heaters, and can help you to bring your design to top quality reality.

Most of us know Gore or their waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX fabric, but the company portfolio includes much more: from high-performance fabrics and medical devices to components for electronics and wearable devices.

Backed with years of experience, US Micro Products could be your choice to design the right display that will have the key features that you need in a wearable application. Dowa develops and manufactures Infrared, Red and Deep UV LED bare dice for various sensors and healthcare applications offering high power and efficiency with low energy consumption.

Of course you also need software to run your products. Mentor Graphics solutions include Nucleus® RTOS, a proven RTOS shipping in more than 3 billion devices, reducing risk and scales to meet connectivity and feature requirements.

You miss some parts from the WT value chain? Then watch out for part 3 in which we will introduce some safety and security related companies, logistical assistants, clever coating manufacturers and many more.

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