Technology in disguise! Wearable Technologies for Cosmetics.

Within the past year, the cosmetic industry has began to emerge a forceful wearable presence. When it comes to combining human desire to look flawless, and the rapid evolution of technology, wearable technologies can begin a new conversation of a few wearable cosmetic products.

PH.D. John A. Rogers, founder of MC10 wants to merge cosmetics, dermatology and wearable electronics. The company’s mission is to use advanced technology to create a new type of wearable that feels like human skin. Thus, redefining how wearables integrate between the wearer and the technological device. MC10 developed the BioStamp prototype; it acts almost like a robotic band-aid. Sticking the stamp onto the skin allows for intensive research in the field of dermatology. This ubiquitous, nearly unbreakable technology can gather tremendous amounts of data without the patient’s awareness. Examples of the types of data collected from the body is; temperature, stiffness, hydration, heart rate, and UV exposure. The data will be transferred from skin to computer software to analysis the patients normalities versus abnormalities.

Feeligreen is one of our WT | Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup 2015 finalists! Based out of France, they have created an anti-aging medical device for dermo-cosmetics and dermo therapy. They have co-developed dermoPatch with large pharmaceutical companies to deliver new solutions for a board spectrum of skin conditions. Feeligreen’s dermoPatch looks and feels like regular anit-aging under the eye adhesive stickers. However, they differ in their infusion of technology to apply a micro-current across the skin barrier.  This increases the skin’s ability to improve the restoration of molecules. You can also find further information and applications in our interview with Christophe.

Another company producing cosmetic patches is Iontera. They offer energizing eye patches under the company’s division Patchology. This American company combines micro-currents within the patches to an Activating Gel. Once placed underneath the eye, you let it rest for 20 minutes. Patchology Energizing Eye Patches can be used up to 4 times in a row, and are stored in a resealable pouch. Use this products to diminish fine lines and wrinkles located around the underside of the eye.

As well, Enfucell SoftBattery, speaker at our 14th WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2015 Europe in Munich, has collaborated up with the Spanish company “The Ionto Team“, to create anti-aging Patch+. The Patch+ incorporates a flexible, disposable, micro-battery inside to produce iontophoretic technology. This wearable cosmetic is easy to use and safely provides efficient anti-aging results.

Katia Vega calls herself a designer of Beauty Technology. In the past she has created make-up to act like a switch for LED lights, and finger nails to radio actively control sound waves. Her teams newest creation to the wearable realm is call Hairware: the conscious use of unconscious auto-contact behaviors. This product alters the normally stylistic use of hair extensions into a seamless form of digital communication. Hairware acts as a capacitive touch sensor that detects touch variation on hair and uses machine learning algorithms to recognize user intentions. With different strokes and twists, Hairware can send text messages, record a conversation, pin mark the GPS location, and even take a picture.

IlluMask is an at home skin treatment mask. The mask consist of LED lights, an eye shield, and a hands-free auto-timed controller. The therapy uses red and blue light to kill facial bacteria and stimulates skin cell healing. The IlluMask is FDA approved, and has no UV rays. Say goodbye to wrinkles and acne blemishes and hello to firmer, smoother, clearer, and brighter skin!

Similarly, Apira Science is has crowdsource an anti-aging LED mask. iDerma Facial Beautification System combines red and infrared LED light therapy reverses and improves the visible signs of aging by stimulating deep cellular regeneration. The wavelengths produce chemicals called cytokines, which trigger the fibroblasts to induce collagen-producing cells. iDerma is not yet available on the market. However, Apira Science has another cosmetic product called iGrow that is clinically verified to increase hair growth. iGrow uses equivalent low-level light therapy to energize the cell growth in hair follicles. Both males and females can benefit from iGrow. They recommend that you wear the helmet for at least 20 minutes for 4 months straight. However, engineers knew this could be a long time for some consumers, therefore they added headphones for entertainment while wearing the helmet.

GLO Science has created an at home teeth whitening device. It has been proved to whiten teeth up the eight shades whiter! The GLO Device is paired with the GLO Brilliant Whitening Gels and GLO Brilliant Whitening Mouthpiece. The mouthpiece shines a bright blue light on the user’s teeth. This blue light uses patented Guided Light Optics Technology. Results and reviews back up the whitening action of GLO Science.

Kite Patch is a sticky adhesive that you can place onto your clothing or skin to protect your skin from misquotes. This patch was developed with the idea of saving lives from misquote born diseases. Kite Patch was backed by an extremely successful crowdfunding campaign. The Kite Patch is now being tested in the field. Soon they will release the Kite Patch in several fun colors.

Wearable Technologies shares these cosmetic products for your beauty benefit. Live youthfully with the assistance of wearable technology!

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