First WT Certified Products in the Market in September

TÜV SÜD and WT | Wearable Technologies joined forces to provide certification and testing solutions for wearable technology devices. We spoke to Asli Solmaz-Kaiser, the global head of electrical and electronics products at TÜV SÜD, about the new TÜV SÜD / WT mark that was recently launched at the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference in San Francisco.

Why is it important for wearable product manufactures to look into certification? Do consumers really care?
Wearable products change the rules of the game. With the wearable products, we have started to wear electronic devices on our body 24/7. This brings with it new opportunities and risks. Consumers are well aware of these risks and the quality mark from a trusted brand will provide them a piece of mind with these new technologies.

What standards should a certified wearable meet and why?
Firstly, the product should be in compliance with all technical regulations of the market where the product is being sold. This includes all electrical safety, EMC, chemical, labeling and packaging regulations. In addition to that there are additional usability and chemical checks to minimize the risks associated with the product.

What services can TÜV SÜD offer to wearable companies?
TÜV SÜD provides all kinds of testing, certification and inspection services in the wearables area. With the global footprint of labs and experts worldwide, customers can enjoy the close contact to the testing locations and expertise.

Are there already companies on the market that have the new TÜV SÜD / WT mark?
Yes, we are at the stage of testing now, and you will see the first products in the market around September.

What is your favorite wearable at the moment for you personally?
I love my fitness tracker; it helps me keep fit by reminding me that I should.

Contact us for more information on the new TÜV SÜD / WT mark or meet TÜV SÜD representatives at our next upcoming conferences in Toronto or Hong Kong!

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