Smart Cycling With Wearables!

Cycling is a very popular sport or pass time activity for people of all ages. Below WT | Wearable Technologies focuses on wearables for cyclers. No wristbands this time around, just wearables that gives an insight into a cycler’s performance and safety.

Cobi is a really cool biking system that allows you to track your fitness and performance. You can even call your friends and listen to music while riding your bike. Cobi dock is attached to you handle bars and designed to fit any kind of smartphone. It upgrades any bike to a digital bike. Cobi has more than 100 features that connect to your smartphone. A great thing about Cobi is that it imports the comfort from modern connected cars into the bike riding experience.

We are very happy to announce that Recon Instruments will be speaking at our WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2015 CANADA in Toronto on September 10th. Their eyewear Recon Jet is made for sports and fitness. One of the many things you can do with it is tape your surroundings safely while you are riding your bike. You can make phone calls and chat with your friends and family while you are on the road. With Jet´s map you will always know your location so you will never get lost. Check out the details in the video below.

Senth IN1 is another eyewear which makes cycling smart. It comes with a Senth IN1 thumb controller which attaches to your handle bars. These augmented reality smart glasses have a wave guide display in the center of your vision. It allows you to track your speed, calories and much more. Senth IN1 also keeps you safe when you are reading or making a call by indicating cars, pedestrians or animals on the road. You can also share your scenery by making videos and photos to share on social media.

LifeBEAM is a smart helmet that senses your body while you ride. Besides keeping you safe, it also detects your heart rate, counts your calories and gives you an accurate analysis of your performance. It is compatible with most fitness and mobile devices and fitness apps. You can use it continuously for 15 hours and can be used in all weather conditions.

IceDot is a crash sensor that keeps you safe. It is attached to your helmet and it notifies your loved ones if you´ve hurt your head. When it senses hard impact, it begins a countdown in which you have to stop if you are ok. If you don´t turn IceDot off during the countdown, the app will notify your emergency contacts with your GPS coordinates of the incident. This allows for the appropriate follow up actions by the correct people to take place.

Another useful wearable which can be used by cyclers is a smart jacket created by Visijax. Their jackets are embedded with LED´s which make cyclers more visible at night.

From now on you can also measure the power of your cycling in Watts with the use of wearables.

ZONE D·P·M·X power meter is fitted to your shoes. It measures the forces you apply to the pedal and it does over 100 readings a second. It measures your left/right power balance as well as total power and cadence; providing your with all the data you need.

Panasonic Action Camera is great because you can use it in any sport imaginable. It is compact and lightweight and it can be attached to different kinds of mounts. If you are a cycler and you want to remember an experience, just attach it to your handle bar and enjoy the ride!

Another cool wearable is an action camera by TomTom Bandit. Similar to Panasonic´s camera, TomTomBandit can be used for all kinds of sports. You attach it to your helmet and off you go.

We are glad to see there are so many different wearables on the market that are not meant just to track cycler´s performance but are fun, and an important part of safety equipment.

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