Wearables For Healthy Skin!

Sun is our biggest enemy when spending time outside. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer but unfortunately having a nice tan is still a beauty trend which has been in style for more than 50 years. Thankfully, in recent years the public awareness of the danger of skin cancer has increased. Wearables have found an assistive technology niche in this area of cosmetics. In this article you can read which wearables can help you prevent sunburns and ultimately skin cancer.

You clip Violet to your clothes and off you go. This waterproof wearable is a vitamin B sensor and vitamin D sensor, but it is also tracks your sun exposure. It lets you know how much time you still have before you get sunburned. We think it is great for families because it can independently track multiple users.

Another band that measures UV level is UveBand. It doesn´t just detect sunlight- it also collects specific UVA and UVB rays (which are the rays that damage your skin the most). UveBand gently vibrates on your hand to remind the wearer that it is time to put a sunscreen on. It recharges itself as it actively monitors the sun’s UV rays. You can turn it off by simply removing it from your wrist.

Spinali Design doesn´t make just regular bikinis. They have designed a collection of swimsuits which come with UV sensor. They are connected to an app and depending on your skin type they remind you to use sun protection.

Raymio is a wristband that lets you know when your UV exposure level is too high and advises you to seek out shade or apply sunscreen. The band is connected to an app and it comes in multiple colors. Unfortunately the product is not yet available but the company promises it will be available soon.

There are more wearables designed to protect people from to too much sun. We have already wrote about three of them; SunFriend, June and CliMate. You can read more info in our article Wearable Tech Detecting Invisible Threats.

A French company called Zoxxon has developed UVBee. A UV sensor which can be clipped to your clothes or can be worn as a wristband as well.

Besides using sunscreen it is also very important to drink a lot of water and stay in the shade. Make sure your head is always covered and most importantly don´t forget to have fun when you are on the beach, or lake.

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