Wearables Can Help You Get Pregnant

Most women want to have a baby at some point in their lives. Yet, understanding when the perfect time for your body to conceive can be difficult. In order to lessen the stress, we found wearables that will help determine your ovulating days and make your chances of having a baby that much higher.

Most of these devices are measuring basal body temperature (BBT). This is the lowest temperature a body reaches during sleep. It is also an important clue for women who are tracking their menstrual cycles and want to know their most fertile days.

Yono is an in-ear wearable thermometer that captures your BBT. It creates a closed and controlled environment in the ear canal which makes the measurements that much more precise. It´s very comfortable to wear and you only use it at night. You have the control when the data is transferred to your smart phone so there is no risk of radiation.

Tempdrop is your fertility monitor. Similar as Yono you have the control when to transfer the data to your smartphone to avoid any radiation. You wear it during your sleep attached on your arm. Besides measuring your BBT and skin temperature it also tracks your sleep quality.

Ava is a smart braclet that helps you predict your fertile days. Besides letting you know when your fertile days are coming, Ava also tracks your sleeping habits and gives you feedback on your menstrual cycle.

And last but not least DuoFertility, a tiny sensor attached under your arm which records your temperature every few seconds. All data gets transferred on your reader by holding it next to the sensor. Each transfer shows your fertility status up to 6 days in advance. You can also personalize it by entering 9 fertility parameters, such as menstruation and ovulation pain. You can also see your data regarding your cycle in more detail by transferring your data on your computer. You can get additional help by the team of experts and you can also print data of your cycle to show to your doctor.

These wearables will help you calculate your fertile days and take away part of your worries. Always consult your doctor when having problems with conciving and most importantly relax your mind and don´t worry too much. Sometimes great things happen when you´re least expecting.

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