Wireless Wearable Mouse

Computer mouses are the most traditional form of hardware interacting with software. With the assistance of wearable technology we have come a long way at modernizing the computer mouse. Here are new approaches that can replace the old mouse and make working with a computer fun.

Mycestro is a wearable 3D mouse which you wear on your index finger. It has all the functionalities of a regular mouse and the cursor is controlled by your hand movement. Mycestro claims that due to its lightweight it will not interfere with your keyboarding. It has 3 buttons just like a regular mouse and if you want to scroll you just slide your thumb on a thumbpad.

ThumbTrack is also worn on your index finger and it has similar functions as Mycestro. You can click and scroll as you would in a traditional mouse. You can work with it for 15 hours straight before charging it. ThumbTrack can make presenting powerpoints easy and interactive.

Flying Fingers Mouse is glove shaped mouse that is said to give you a better experience than a traditional one. It uses your movement to give orders just like you would do with a regular computer mouse. It can help prevent a carpal tunnel syndrome which is great for people who spend a lot of time behind the computer. Using index finger and middle finger is all it takes to do all the basic commands like left and right click, going up, down and back.

This next pair of gloves will make you virtual experience even cooler!

Maestro Gesture Glove puts electronic power in your hands. This glove used to control electronic devices and machines with hand and arm gestures. You are able to use it in multiple ways. They provide a Maestro Gesture development software kit – so you can choose to control your drone, GoPro, gaming console, or laptop. Please see the video below to see everything that this product can do.

We see computer mouse is part of the past. Improve you tech style – start using wearable mouse or gloves in your everyday life.

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