WT | Picnic 2015 Impressions

The second annual WT | Global Picnic was hosted earlier this week on Sept 2, 2015. WT | Wearable Technologies acquired international organizers to host the WT | Picnic in their local area. The countries represented were:  New Zealand, Singapore, Taipei, India, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, and Denmark. Below are the highlights from a few of the represented countries.

AiQ creates Smart Clothing in Taipei. They hosted their WT | Picnic during lunch time at their Headquarters office. Guest were asked to bring their business card for networking purposes, and any thoughts about wearable technology. AiQ provided food and drinks to all attendees. It was a fun, and interactive picnic –filled with stylish food, name tags, and inspirational conversations.


Brazil’s WT | Picnic was a hit with more than 30 attendees. The venue was sponsored by Live Healthcare Media, and the drinks were sponsored by Heineken. They featured high-level presentations from Immo Oliver (CEO from Carenet – 50% of market share in the Br WT market), Alexandra Farah (host of Fashion & Business TV Show on Band – a Brazilian TV channels) and a roundtable with people from industry and media. They had a live SnapChat feed of the event.  The Brazil picnic was a huge success!


StretchSense creates smart, soft, and stretchable sensors. They represented the New Zealand district of wearable tech. They also held their picnic during lunch time, at the MT Roskill War Memorial Hall. They advertised their event in the local newspaper and acquired a diverse and dynamic attendee list. The difference in age and background allowed for the picnic to explore new ideas and unique dialogue.


Zensorium expands the five senses by innovating products to sense the environment around us. They are based out of Singapore and hosted their WT | Picnic at a local Starbucks. All attendees met after work and sat around sipping drinks and chatting about the future of wearables.

The WT | Picnic in India was hosted at Karpagam University. Mr. Kunasekaran arranged for several volunteer speakers to share wearable insights with +600 students and faculty. The picnic lasted for most of the day – incorporating food, drinks and live lectures.

WT | Wearable Technologies hosted the German WT | Picnic. Orginally it was planned for the Munich English Garden; however due to rain we relocated to Hofbräuhaus (the largest beer garden in Munich). A small gathering of people sat around drinking beer and sipping soup. They talked about various ‘body real estate’ available for wearable products, and potential strategies for marketing products.

For the 3rd annual WT | Picnic in 2016, WT hopes to incorporate more countries. This way wearable enthusiast from across the globe can partake in high-end networking experience. If you are interested in becoming an organizer please contact us!

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