Detecting Breast Cancer!

Breast cancer is one of those things every woman has in the back of her mind as she grows older; especially if breast cancer runs in the family. We have all heard that an actress Angelina Jolie decided for double mastectomy when finding out she carries the gene which would increase her risk of potentially fatal breast cancer for 87 percent. This reaction is not out of the ordinary. Breast cancer is frightening, but with wearables there are alternative methods to detect breast cancer early. This assistance can increase ones chances of gaining the right treatment in order to receive a successful recovery.

Cycardia Health has developed a smart bra iTBra for monthly breast scanning. We have featured this product in a previous article. If you want to know more about this product and other healthcare wearables, please take a look at our article Wearables in Healthcare.

The scary truth is: every 3 minutes one woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. iSono Health is developing a platform to facilitate regular self-monitoring at home for early breast cancer detection. A lot of information is still under the wraps but stay tuned because we will inform you about their progress.

Researches at Georgia Institute of Technology and the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University are developing a breath test for detecting lung and breast cancer. A patient breathes into the device where a sensor examines chemical compounds found in their breath. Based on the recordings a scientist can determine if cancer is present. Please read more about the research on Georgia Research Institute of Technology´s website.

Last but not least, we like to encourage all women to have a look at the documentary called Detect. This documentary is about a revolutionary wearable bra that can detect breast cancer. The trailer is below.

We are thrilled to see that wearable market is following a demand of thousands of women concerned about detecting early signs of breast cancer. No matter what your journey is please know you are not alone. Even though these wearables can´t prevent you from getting cancer, they can assist in your prognosis.

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