Kopin Can Deliver the Best Near-Eye Display and Voice Extraction for Business, Military and Sports

The WT | Wearable Technologies Conference Asia 2015 is less than a week away. However, it is still not too late to grab a ticket! For a small preview about highlighted talks, read this interview with Kopin’s General Manager China Operations, Sam Zeng. His presentation will premiere in the Greater Wearable Ecosystem section at 2:20 on October 12th.

Can you briefly explain Kopin Co. to those who may have never heard of your company before?

Kopin is a leading technology provider in WT specializing in near-eye display and voice extraction.


What is your favorite Kopin wearable headset?

We have just announced headset for US Olympic cyclists.


What makes Kopin’s near-eye display for wearable headsets stand out from competitors?

We can deliver the best resolution at the smallest form factor.


What is the biggest difference when designing wearables for business or military?

Size, power consumption and application integration are keys in designing wearables for business.


How influential are wearables in the Asia market?

Productivities will be the key driver in business market. For consumer, the eco-system for WT will be key to the success of headset wearables.


Lastly, WT favorite question – what is your favorite wearable?

Hand band.

If you find yourself with more questions about Kopin’s headset, find Mr. Zeng during the Conference. WT | Events are all about networking and expanding wearable knowledge. WT hopes to see you in Hong Kong this coming Monday on October 12th!

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