The Best Wearable Devices For Basketball

Hello basketball fan. It’s October! It is exactly 18 days to NBA (National Basketball Association) season! Are you excited?
The 2015-2016 is the 70th season of NBA. Every preseason basketball specialists and basketball fans attempt to predict the NBA champions. Some year’s it seems to turns out as unpredictable and surprising. Nonetheless, mystery makes NBA become amazing and interesting for years. May the best team win!
Remembering last summer, it was wearable technology which led the German national team to win the World Cup. Do you think that wearable technology could also be a decisive thing to NBA? At WT, we would support NBA seasons with interesting products below.

“ShotTracker is a huge innovation for the sport of basketball. Repetition, accountability and confidence make great shooters, and ShotTracker delivers all three”- Klay Thompson – Golden State Warriors.
Shot Tracker is a wearable device that automatically tracks shot attempts, makes and misses. A shot tracker includes 3 separated parts: a wrist sensor, a net sensor and the shot tracker app. When players shoot, the wrist sensor sends a signal that a shot was attempted. Then, the net sensor sends a signal indicating if the shot was made or missed. Both signals are sent to the mobile device where the Shot Tracker app keeps tracks of shooting stats. A shot tracker works with a wristband or a sleeve depending on players’ choice. Both wristband and sleeve are light and comfortable to wear. A plus for a product which its battery last for 3 months after a full charge.
Specialists from Shot Tracker assumes that you can’t improve what you don’t measure. Therefore, Shot Tracker is available to help improve score ability of players.

Hoop tracker is another interesting product for improving your shooting skills. Hooptracker is a training watch which view players’ shooting performance, track progress over time, analyse strength and weakness. Hooptracker comprises a Smartwatch and a shot detector. Before shooting session, players wear the Smartwatch on the non-shooting hand and place the shot detector on the rim with the mounting pole. The last thing players have to do is to choose a shooting program and start. When players finish this session, they need to upload their data. The Hoop tracker watch receives data wirelessly from a paddle on the rim that registers successful shots and an accelerometer that senses the vibration of misses.

SOLIDshot focus on players’s form. They believe better form is better game. Therefore, SOLIDshot analyses each shot of players from the moment the ball is leaving their fingertips. If players break form, SOLIDshot gives simple instructions to adjust the very next shot. The good point is that SOLIDshot is high tech made simple. You wear it on your arm, shoot and receive instant feedback. All process is performed on body. Thus, there is no Smartphone needed. Besides, players need SOLIDshot app to analyse data. By recording the best shot as a target, SOLIDshot allows players to improve the consistent of their own best shot.

Besides shooting skills, running speed and jumping ability are also important in scoring in basketball. With Nike+ basketball shoes, which work together with an IOS app, players can track “how high, how hard and how quick” players do. Each shoe has a Nike+ Pressure Sensor built into it that allows to collect data about users’ movement and send it wirelessly to their mobile gadget. Nike+ basketball shoes focus on your footwork while on the basketball court.


These basketball wearable devices are not only for professional players but also for you. Why don’t you warm up with them a little bit before NBA starts? WT believes these wearables will definitely bring you more fun, while you experience NBA’s match and your own match.

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