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“The role of analytics is expected to grow. Wearable tech is useful when it truly provides feedback in an understandable and consistent manner. Only then can you learn and develop. In order to reach this level, we demand a lot from our technology. It needs to be physiology-based in order to show what’s happening in the body.”
Joni Kettunen, CEO Firstbeat

With over 15 years of experience in Heart Rate Variability (HRV) research and a strong commitment to scientifically based performance and wellness improvement, Firstbeat emerged as a driving force creating value for the wearable technology industry.

Over 400 elite sports teams, including teams in the NHL, NBA, and HBL, recognize and rely on powerful information provided by Firstbeat analytic engines to reach peak performance. In the Health and Wellness sector, professionals leverage Firstbeat’s uniquely designed products to enhance 100,000 people’s lives with top-quality analysis and reports derived from Firstbeat’s potent digital physiological modeling capabilities.

Firstbeat’s professional grade analytics are currently incorporated into over 45 industry leading consumer products. Their partners, including Sony, Garmin, Suunto, Samsung and Bosch, demonstrate the benefit of placing the power of Firstbeat in the hands of millions of consumers around the world. The depth of Firstbeat’s expertise enables partners to provide targeted consumers with individualized product experiences.

Sports and Fitness Products

Brand New Garmin Forerunner 630, 235 and 230 devices successfully incorporate Firstbeat’s sports performance expertise to provide runners with an enhanced training experience. Wearers of FR235 and FR230 can now benefit from the features familiar from premium Forerunner watches; VO2max, Training Effect and Recovery Advisor. The high-end FR630 extends Firstbeat powered physiological analytic capabilities with three additional features. Lactate Threshold evaluates a runner’s optimum performance intensity providing tools to improve race times. Performance Condition shows whether running efficiency is better than usual, or if it just isn’t your day. Stress Score visualizes how your body reacts to training loads, work and sleep, and helps determine if you should take a break or break your records.

Wellness Products

The recent launch of Sony’s Smartband 2 represents the first major incorporation of Firstbeat’s HRV analytic engines into consumer wellness devices. Drawing on Firstbeat’s experience with professional wellness products, Firstbeat enables Sony to convert data collected from the Smartband 2’s optical heart-rate sensors into personalized lifestyle information. These insights allow consumers to better understand how their body works, make informed lifestyle decisions and find a balance between activity, stress and recovery.

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WT | Wearable Technology Conference 2016 EUROPE – Munich, January, 26-27
WT | Werarable Technologies Conference 2016 USA – San Francisco July, 12-13
MEDICA Medicine and Sports Conference – Dusseldorf, November 18


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