Smart Teens!

We have already written an article about wearables designed especially for kids in our article: The Future Of Wearable Toys For Kids. What about teens? In this day-n-age it’s hard enough to tell how old they are, because they want to be all grown up. Even when they are in that awkward stage when they don´t like to be controlled by their elders. This is why we have decided to make a collection of wearables that teenagers would find fun.

Gemio is a smart friendship bracelet that sparks creativity among friends. You can design your own bracelet online and show your individuality. An interesting thing about it is that it lights up with different light patterns when one of your friends, who is also wearing Gemio, is near by. Friends can now communicate to one another with no words; just with light flashes. Gemio definitely took a classic friendship to another level.

WT team just loves wearables that make young people use their brain. That´s what it´s all about! Young people are the future, therefore we are very happy that Jewelbots teaches girls how to code. The bracelet is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and kids can code the bracelet and then share their code online to connect with other users. It notifies you when it´s time to meet up, or when the lunch break is over so you don´t miss your next class. Another reason we like this wearable is due to its safety. The bracelet does not contain GPS nor does it save any personal data.

Say Necklace helps you to network and build communities. It is a display that is connected to a smart device app. You can create your own social network or you can stay connected to other social networks like Facebook or Instagram. Say Necklace can be easily interchangeable between a necklace or a wristband. A cool thing about Say Necklace is that you can personalize it by displaying whatever you want. For example, you can wear an image or your favorite quote; any idea is great for making a statement.

NexBand is a fun bracelet that alerts you in colors if you got an email, text or even when you get a notification on your social media network. You can also make it fun by coding your messages so only your friends will know what you are talking about. The bracelet alerts you when your friends are nearby or even allows you to change statuses in case you want to be unnoticed.

Being socially accepted is a very important aspect when a person is a teenager. Unfortunately at the moment, receiving likes on Facebook and Instagram is what seems to matters most. All mentioned wearables in our article are unique because they have that social component that is so popular among teens – but on the other hand they teach kid the importance of coding. We think encouraging teens to use their brain and find a way to make it cool is the best investment for the future, even though teenagers sometimes don´t agree with that 🙂

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