The Devices That Are Making Wearable Tech Invisible


Wearable tech is becoming invisible, which means people are developing high tech devices that are smaller than ever before. These devices are bringing pervasive computing closer and closer to reality. This includes placing microprocessors into any object that can be worn on the body; such as inside of shoes, T-shirts, a classic watch and even jewelry. Technology is at the shy beginning of holding hands with fashion; however there are a few companies that have products on the market today. Check them out below.


GameTraka is defining the new “shy tech,” meaning that they integrate technology in a way that is blind to the eye. Their product is a GPS device that is placed behind the wearers’ neck – like a kind of bra shape. It was launched in January 2015. GameTraka is aiming to fill a gap in the market for sport players. It is designed and developed for sub-elite athletes and amateur players. GameTraka allows to filter down to grass roots sport level and allow the wearer to track, measure and monitor physical performance based on facts.

The Fitlinxx Ampstrip

The Fitlinxx Ampstrip is apart of the emerging Smart Patches market. WT has completed a market assessment of the next 4 years in Smart Patches. For more details go to this link. Ampstrip is now shipping to contributors. Yet, in February 2016 Fitlinxx will make Ampstrip publicly available. The Ampstrip is a heart rate and activity tracker that sticks comfortably to the wearers’ torso for around 7 days – like a Band-Aid. One of the best features to Ampstrip is it’s ability to be rechargeable.

Misfit Swarovski Shine

Misfit Swarovski Shine was unveiled at CES as an activity tracker. Misfit has captured the beauty of solar energy harvesting. The Shine is a hides the solar cells behind a large purple Swarovski crystal, thus also proving that “green” technology can also be a beautiful piece of jewelry. It is the first wireless activity and sleep tracker using light energy harvesting technology.


Altruis is the first product from Vinaya. It is a connected ceramic stone that can be worn in a gold or silver plated ring, bracelet or necklace. Behind the look of a sparkling set of jewellery is a set of vibration controlled components. This digital jewellery which can vibrate to notice wearers of important message.

The LG Urbane Luxe

The LG Urbane is the most stylish Android wear device because it combines the classic watch face design with a smart watch. It is crafted in stainless steel with a 23-karat gold or silver finish. It can navigate wearers and provide alerts at a simple glance. Along with the luxury design, the LG Urbane Luxe is becoming more of a lifestyle accessory than a piece of hardware.

The Neyya Smart Ring

The Neyya Smart Ring stepped into the bling tech space in 2015. It is different from other smart devices on the market at the moment because it doesn’t have a display screen, nor does it count steps. It doesn’t even notify the wearer when there is a new message. However, these can be viewed as pros for Neyya. Their design is to essentially create a remote control out of a piece of jewelry. For example, if you are at work you can use Neyya to navigate through a presentation, or even control a computer via Bluetooth. It also allows the wearer to control music, a camera and create a custom timer on a smart phone app via Bluetooth.

smart ring

To round things up, it is not the point to make wearables invisible or visible because it depends on where and how we wear them. The point is to make technology feel natural, comfortable and to be useful to us and to our daily life. In the near future, people will begin to feel naked if they leave the house without their favorite device.

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