Live Report from WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2016 EU in Munich – Day 1

9:00 AM: Christian Stammel, CEO of Wearable Technologies, welcomes the wearable tech enthusiasts on the first day of the Conference with a welcome Keynote and an overview of the wearable market over the past 10 years! Invited guest companies are ISPO with wearable tech guru, Markus Hefter, talking about the presence of wearables at ISPO Also on stage is Giuseppe Coppola from Philips explaining where the market was 10 years ago and where it is now. Lastly, John Dwyer from Flex , with many wearable flowers. Mr. Dwyer is on stage giving us hints about what WT will be talking about in the next 10 years: 2016-2026.


9:45 AM : Success Stories Session. Starting with Misfit Director Strategic Partnerships, Francis Hoe. Francis is explaining the Misfit story since 2011. Such as all the partnerships they made until the recent acquirement of Misfit by Fossil. Misfit was always concerned and focused on the design of their products and to make them consumer friendly. Among their partners are well known companies like Speedo, Victoria Secret, or Swarovski!


Claus F. Nielsen from Delta: a testing, consulting company is explaining the journey of his son to treat Diabetes. Real people don’t need fancy products for healthcare they need real solutions! The consumer electronic companies are starting to move forward into the healthcare market. The companies should liberate the data and not keep it.
Delta is working also in solutions for the healthcare market and they made their very own monitoring patch, which is certified.


CSEM is now talking about the Microtechnologies for wearables. Jens Krauss explains what they do and the different programs they have. Even so MEMS is mostly linked to the watch industry. Some of the companies using CSEM’s technology is Limmex, PulseON and iFit.

11:15 AM : Karola Kreitmair from the Stanford University is on stage to talk about Ethical Issuess in Mobile Health and Wearable Technology. Karola talks about the concerns about setting up unachievable goals and the frustation that brings to the consumer. The measurement of the data like the food you eat and the km you run is not always the best solution.

Next is Esmeralda Megally from Xsensio, they developed an intelligent stamp. Xsensio is aiming to integrate its patch into any product. This, of course, includes wearable tech products like watches or patches! The next big thing is here and WT | Wearable Technologies saw it coming in our 10 year infographic! 2016 will be the year of the smart patches! Devices are becoming smaller, more accurate and unobtrusive.


Joni Kettunen is the CEO of Firstbeat, they are the pros in terms of heartbeat analytics! Collaborating with major Football teams and well known companies using their physiological analytics within their consumer devices


Walter Lunzer, from Otto Bock, is a designer and consultant which mainly focus is prosthesis. The developed the My Gait a new product that stimulates your nerves in the leg. They hope for the future to make the devices almost invisible.


12 :25 Keynote from Microsoft’s Oliver Niedung on stage with Interoperability in IoT and WT.


Company Mellex joined Microsoft on stage to explain their experience with the Microsoft Azure platform. Their product is an application of service and maintenance for services at hotels like housekeeping, minibar,etc

14:15 After a short break it is back to business with Uri Keren and Say Necklace, a wearable social platform for the young generation! Fashion brands and celebrities are already talking with them for partnerships.

Next to stage is SoftSpot with Sabine Seymour. Sofspot mixes the tech and fashion industries into  the Softspot product for Sports.


Now on stage – we are seeing the future with Cicret Bracelet by the hand of Guillaume Pommier. He explains that the cicret bracelet is a bracelet that projects the screen on your arm! Now we say that’s an innovation!! The bracelet is still on an early stage but we don’t mind at WT. We offer ourselves volunteers to test it! Goodbye screens, hello future!

15: 45 It`s time for the Innovation Wild Fire! But first Andrea Onetti from STMicroelectronics is doing the Introduction by explaining and exploring the needs of wearable developers.


16:00 THE 28 Finalists from the annual WT | Innovation World Cup 2015/2016 will give their elevator pitches on stage! Categories are :

Smart Clothing
Smart Jewelry

Starting with Sports&Fitness! Antelope is first with their Electro Stimulation suit!
Followed by Gait Up: a Professional Running Analysis
Kinematix is last for this  category with TUNE: a product to help you run better and to improve your running skills!

Now Healthcare&Wellness! Cloud DX is opening the category with Vitaliti: a wearable device that can measure 5 different vital signs!

Health Care Originals is showing off their wearable patch to treat Asthma.

Leaf Healthcare sensor to monitor patients at hospitals.

OvulaRing is a ring to track your ovulation period and help you to get pregnant by telling you when is the best time!

Bar IIan University presented their Anti Cancer band aid.

Now we spice things up with the Safety and Security Category! Avanto is a suit for Scuba Divers with infraheat so you don`t get cold while doing what you like the most!

Cardio – First Angel is a device that helps save lives when someone is having a heart attack.

Lupo is a smart tag so you won’t keep loosing your belongings! Or at least will tell you where are those so you can focus on other things.

I Lume: wearable lighting system for fabrics.

Kingii is a wearable “airbag” that you inflate if you are drowning, so you can worry less when you are out at sea!

Gaming and Lifestyle is next! Kokoon sent a video to explain their headphones to help you sleep better.

Skugaa Eyewear are sunglasses with variable electronic tint control. If you are entering a tunnel they glasses will become clearer and when you are out darker again. Hello Sun!

Tinitell is a wearable phone for kids to be always connected with your kids.

Space Lumina smart glasses are the glasses of the future, more powerful as a computer better than a tablet!

Smart Clothing Category! Cityzen Sciences with a smart fabric to collect data for Sports and healthcare.

Last category Smart Jewelry! Elektrocouture and their glowing jewelry.

Liber8 Technology with Tago Arc: customize the bracelet according to your outfit – not your outfit according to your jewelry! Hello Best Friend!

Pins Collective closes the Category and the Elevator Pitches! A smart Pin that you can create customize designs to share!

Now time to know and meet the Winners! Gait Up for Sports&Fitness, Health Care Originals for Healthcare&Wellness, I-Lume for Safety&Security, Kokoon for Gaming&Lifestyle, Antelope for Smart Clothing and L!BER8 Technology for Smart Jewelry!

Overall winner for Health Care Originals!

Congrats to all the winners and Finalists!

It’s a wrap! Now time to enjoy the party at the tipi!

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