News Roundup – December 2015

It’s already 2016 !To keep you updated with all the latest news happening in Wearable Ecosystem during the last 31 days of 2015, WT| Wearable Technologies would like to give you December News roundup.
Our highlight of the past month was the announcement of the finalists of the WT | Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup. The 28 nominated finalists will present their solutions at the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference in Munich, but only six of them will become a winner in their category and only one of them will be nominated WT Innovator of the Year. The 28 WT finalists in the different categories are:

Sports & Fitness:
• ANTELOPE SERIES by Antelope Club
• FITGuard by Force Impact Technologies
• Hykso wrist sensors by Hykso
• Run Up by Gait Up
• TUNE by Kinematix

Healthcare & Wellness:
• ADAMM – intelligent asthma management by Health Care Originals
• Home-use cancer detecting plaster by Zeev Zalevsky
• Leveraging the power of wearables for hospitalized patients by Leaf Healthcare
• OvulaRing by VivoSense Medical
• VITALITI Health Platform by clouddx

Gaming & Lifestyle:
• Kokoon by Kokoontech
• RippleBuds by RippleBuds
• SKUGGA by Skuggaeyewear
• Space Lumina SmartGlasses by Worldgn
• Tinitell by Tinitell

Safety & Security:
• Avanto by Aino Aarnio-Juurinen
• Cardio First Angel by Cardio First Angel
• i-Lume by i-Lume
• Kingii Wearable by Kingii
• LUPO by Connect-In

Special Prize Smart Clothing:
• ANTELOPE SERIES by Antelope Club
• Avanto by Aino Aarino-Juurinen
• Dshirt by Cityzen Sciences

Special Prize Smart Jewelry:
• Athena by ROAR
• Helix Cuff by Ashley Chloe
• Pins Collective by Olof Sjöstedt
• Solar technology for smart jewelry by Lisa Lang
• Tago Arc by L!Ber8 Technology

Swarovski is fashioning the future with the announcement of Misfit Shine or Crystal Jewelry Clasp by Lumoback. Recently, Polar unveiled Polar Loop Crystal that speaks to all fashionistas out there. In addition to the eye-catching design, the Loop Crystal has all the goodies the Polar Loop 2 has. Designed to be as intelligent as it is attractive these devices will let you start with a little bit of bling into the new year!

Besides, Shiftwear sneaker joined fashionable wearable tech world. Shiftwear sneakers give users creative control over design. The use of bendable, wearable, waterproof HD displays, mixed with the mobile technology to power it all from phone or tablet. Additionally, the display is invisible in daylight. The sneaker is made of Kevlar fiber soles built to resists damage.

It is reported that 1.5 million children die from vaccine-preventable diseases every year. Khushi Baby is ready to help changing this problem. With the integration of mobile health, wearable NFC technology and cloud computing, Khushi Baby’s necklace is trying to produce a complete platform to bridge the world’s vaccination gap. The necklace tracks each child’s immunization to the last mile. Via the Khushi Baby mobile app, recorded information displays on the health workers’ phone providing information on which vaccines to give and the health status of the child. Moreover, the NFC necklaces worn by infants also provide a reminder to the child’s family about vaccines and vaccination camps.

It’s time we head up on another awesome year of wearable technology with an opening event in the wearable ecosystem: The WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2016 Europe on 26 and 27 January in Munich.

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