It’s Show Time! San Francisco Here we Come!

What is the must-attend event in San Francisco in July besides the 4th of July? The WT | Wearable Technologies Conference in San Francisco on July 12-13th! For the fifth year we are going to host an event at the beautiful Fort Mason Festival Pavilion in San Francisco. What a better place than this to celebrate and gather technology enthusiasts, speakers, innovations, new technologies and demo some products.

If you are still wondering why you should be attending the event, we won’t tell you why. We will give you enough reasons to not only change your mind but to invite also your friends to join you in this amazing journey before the Early Bird ticket price expires on May 15th! Here you can register for the event. 

Some things you can’t miss on July 12-13th:

  • Cicret will be showing as a premiere and for the first time their first prototype live on stage.
  • Biosensive Technologies will officially launch their product on July 13th.
  • NASA will join us to talk about reflector-based data-links for low power devices.
  • Twilio within its perspective will talk about Communication Enabling IoT
  • Intel Security will answer one of the most common questions : Who Is Your Watch Talking To?

Want more names? Here you have the full agenda! From now and on we will be unveiling new names so stay tuned and don’t miss one of the events of the year!

You want even more? Check out the Early Birds who already booked their premium spot at the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference to showcase their latest innovations! Clear your agenda on July 12-13th to learn more about products out of this galaxy and new innovations!

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