Walk on Smart Insoles: The Next Move in Activity Tracking

Insoles obviously provide benefits that can make standing, walking and running more comfortable and efficient. Moreover, insoles can be solution for pain relief from a variety of foot and leg pains. A few engineers have taken notice as insoles as a valuable location for wearables to gain insightful data.

Walkasins is an insole that improves mobility through balance and conficence. It is able to teach the user to maintaining or regaining their mobility and balance when standing or walking. In the healthy state, our senses of vision and touch combined with the inner ear are balanced. Muscle strength is used to maintain posture and stability for walking and standing. Walkasins is able to  senses your balance and give you a gentle, vibratory cues that help you walk with greater stability.

ReTisense created Stridalyzer Smart Insoles for runners. It helps to improve running form, stay injury-free and run better. The sensitivity and accuracy of the algorithms have improved with the Stridalyzer Perfomance series to bring you even more accurate monitoring and analysis. Besides, Stridalyzer equipped with a Stridalyzer Pod which can fit in slots within certain shoes. It gives real-time tracking, stress maps, alerts while you are running. It works well with Stridalyzer app.

Evalu device which you wear beside your shoe is another good choice for runner. It helps you train your run better with running-specific strength exercises, distance training, and speed workouts. Besides, it provides an app with live analyses of your running form and step-by-step coaching for a perfect efficiency.

If you want to track your daily activities in a discreet way Smartmove is for you. Smartmove is a smart insole that can track your movement. You will be able to track your movement whether you are standing, walking or running. SmartMove has developed a physical activity minitor to help people increase their daily physical activity and improve health. It features sensors at the arch of the foot, beneath the heel and the ball of the foot. The data is transmitted to your smartphone wirelessly.

Aria provides the only smart insole which can heat and cool your body. Through a simple gesture you can set the temperature that most pleasing your body. Besides, it allows fit tracking including step counter, distance travelled and burned kcal. All the data is recorded and shared to an expert to help you improve your quality of a healthy life

Digitsole promises us to keep our feet warm with an interactive insole. You can adjust the temperature of the insoles at the touch of a button, as well as count steps and calories burned. The heating element of the insole is revealed to locate in the toe and spreads the heat throughout the sole. Digitsoles are made from a lightweight material called Neotech.

The smart insole market has evolved through out the past 10 years. WT has already covered this topic here. The smart insole is interesting for everyone’s daily life asit can be used to control our running, activity or even to keep our feet warm.

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