Tech for a Better Private Life

They say a lot of things about how a person should act, but truthfully a person’s body can go through many phases. Some of them are not the most comfortable to talk about, even so it is important to know what your body is telling you in order to respond correctly. The best attribute of technology is engaging the mind and body into greater awareness. No longer will people have to make a doctors’ appointment to understand why their bodies are acting out-of-sync. This does not mean you do not need to have health insurance or sick days away from work, this simply means that you can be in the comfortability of your own home to collect personal data about yourself and then share that with your physician. This is all possible through metric gathering wearable tech. It is time we stepped out of our closed doors and shared the nasty side that human beings feel like. Below are a few products the help you with your bodily functions, that to some might call “unmentionable.”

Let’s start with the basics: sex. Erotica is one of the most common forms of pleasure for women. This brings a type of fantasy and thrill that can only be reached between an author and the reader. However, B-Sensory has created a vibrator works in tandem with erotica novels. You have to download their app and choose from several novels that you think are interesting. After you begin reading, you will notice that some “dirty” paragraphs are blur-out; this is on purpose. You are supposed to use this time to get your E-Sensory vibrator into the correct position. Then you tap the paragraph to continue reading. As you read the vibrations differ based off what is occurring in the novel. Sounds like fun, right? Only one way to find out, and that is to buy your own and being the journey of connected novels. WT is interested to know what y’all think.

If you are having more sex with people than a vibrator, than HOOPE is the wearable for you. This is an at-home and simple to use STD test. Note: you should go to your doctor if you have uncomfortable signs in your private part region.  However, if you have responsible sex and little time to wait at a doctor’s office this could be helpful. HOOPE works but by painlessly taking a sample of your blood on their ring like wearable. They can test the blood instantly for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and Trichomonas. Once you are aware, then you should go to the appropriate treatment center for medication.

When Playboy is excited to use a vibrator, you know that EVA is involved. DAME Products CEO spoke at our WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2015 USA. Talk about ~awkward~ conference session. With a room fill with more penis owners than vulva owners we learned a lot about how many techies are being adventures in bed. So how does it work? EVA has little wings that hold itself in place, so there is no need for hands or straps or anything distracting. Giving you more peace-of-mind and intimacy than ever before. Unlike a penis ring, EVA is designed by women for women. It is silicone safe, rechargeable, and great for switching positions. If you need to spice up your life than WT recommends you try this lovely lady out for just over $100.

VaGenie is another product designed of women (if you couldn’t tell by the name). It is the Kegel trainer to strengthen your inner pelvic muscles. It works by placing the device inside of you, and following the coaching directions via their smartphone app. The more you practice the more bio-feedback you receive, thus giving you the results you need. If you are curious to learn how strong your pelvic floor muscle will become, get ready to watch the video below.

Similarly, Carin Wear is another device to improve your pelvic floor muscles. It differs from VaGenie by offering you protective underwear to place the Carin Wearable inside of. Next, you connect to your smartphone app and being to practice. The truth is that weak pelvic floor muscles increase the chance of accidental leakage. The protective underwear can prevent embarrassment and allows for comfortability while practicing on top of being environmentally friendly.

OK, now that we have shared the unspeakable you can see that this is the niche area of wearable tech that is directed towards women. These products do provide a helpful perspective on how to improve your private life, however it would be nice to have more wearables geared towards women. We are more simple than sparkles and sex toys. Yet, girls do know how to have the most fun. Let us know if you are working on an “unmentionable.”

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