Wearables Beat Summer Heat !

Man, when it is hot – IT IS HOT! There are many places around the world that feeling like a never ending sauna when summer time hits. It is interesting to take a look at some of the innovations that attempt to beat summer heat. The idea is all about wearing an air-conditioner on your body.

Wristify is a heating and cooling bracelet developed by Embr Labs. It is aimed to make yourself comfortable by sending hot or cold pulses to a patch of skin on your wrist. Science shows that rapidly changing part of the skin’s temperature can immediately make you more comfortable, just like when you splash water on your face. Therefore, Wristify doesn’t need to modify your core temperature to make you more comfortable. Wristify recreates the relief you get when you warm your hands by the fireplace in the winter, or when you refresh with an ice cube on your skin in the summer.

Frio by Icetron Technologies is a cooling wearable device which is mainly used in the sports and fitness area. Frio monitors the users’ activity and adjusts to optimal body temperature. Frio is developed to cool your body in the right temperature, which maximizes your training and overall potential. Additionally, it motivates you by enhancing your performance to keep you cool anywhere, anytime.


Brrr! : the cool yarn technology spun with numerous secret ingredients is a new technology apart of a secret patent pending recipe. The fabric is cool to the touch as well as embedded with UV Protection. Brrr! is an all-nature core, permanent, and super soft. Moreover, Brrr! fabric is also “powered by air” because of the air flow traveling through the garment to regenerate a cool feeling.

Octocool provides an air-conditioned T-shirt for labourers who work in hot environments. There are also many more applications of this technology including free time activities such as hiking, camping, fishing and others. By using two high powered 97mm wide fans, air is circulated throughout the shirt. Thus, laborers can concentrate on the job instead of being distracted by trying to minimize the physical effects of hot environment. Along with the 4,400 watt battery, the Octocool body cooling clothes can go on full blast for 8.5 hours.

Did you notice that air conditioning accounts for 60%-70% of the average home’s energy bill? However, there are yet other alternatives to beat the summer heat for you from air-conditioned clothes to air-conditioned wrists. You are now can stay cool during the day and you save money by night with these wearable cooling devices.

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