Live Report of the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference US 16 – Day 1, July 12th

Welcome to sunny San Francisco. Today, July 12th, WT | Wearable Technologies kicks off the 21st WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2016 USA. As we gather the wearable industry for the 5th year in a row to Fort Mason Center, we have noticed that the industry is growing rapidly. The exhibitor hall is bustling with companies working within every sector of the market.

9:30 We begin with an opening keynote from WT | Wearable Technologies CEO, Christian Stammel giving an overview of the market over the past 10 years!

FLEX VP of Consumer Technology, John Dwyer takes the stage to explain the strategy of Flex announcing a partnership with Nike for running shoes and with MAS Holdings as a guest speaker on stage!



Flex and MAS Holdings together on stage to create the clothing of the future! MAS is showing and explaining some of the companies they invested in.


Product launch from MAS Holdings on stage for safety! Firefly is durable,flexible and washable. For workers, cyclists or runners!


Next Session starts with Clint Zeagler from Georgia Tech guiding the crowd through some makers and products back in the 90’s  and the evolution of some of them. The problems, the challenges and how consumers react to these new technologies.


Daniel Shen from Eargo is next talking about hearing loss and hearing aids. Less than 20% of the people with hearing problems do something about it. They are presenting a new solution that lasts for an entire day, is rechargeable and nearly invisible!


Monisha Perkash from Lumo Bodytech 5 years later again at the WT | Wearable Technologies stage explaining what have they done in these 5years! Starting with the Lumo Back in 2012, followed by Lumo Lift and in August first will start shipping Lumo Run in partnership with MAS Holdings and Flex.


Dr. Daniel Chao from Halo Neuroscience is closing the session before the first break of the day. His whole life has been about the brain. Not an easy path. Halo Neuroscience is a new way to train your brain focusing on Neuro stimulation on athletes.


The second session for today is call, “The New Age for Content, POS & Marketing moderated by Leon Wong from Flex. WT | Wearable Technologies was curious to share with the WT | Network how wearables will be used in IoT and marketing strategies.

“Communications Enabling IoT” is the topic from Brain Mullen, VP of Business Development from Twilio. Twilio is a communications platform. Programmable Wireless is a new approach from Twilio with a simple API, super Network and Simple Pricing. Tesla is using Twilio as an example of one of their customers.


How are wearables enriching and saving our lives? Mike McBride dives deeper into this topic on behalf of Huawei. One example could be for surfers and prevent shark attacks or concussions on football players as well as in healthcare.


Christel Le Coq from France, flew all the way to The Bay to share E.Sensory. As CEO and Co-founder, Christel had an idea of a wireless vibrator that interacts with the erotic novels you are reading. She spices up the conference with the explanation of why and how new sensory experiences are the consumer’s choice for future technology. E.Sensory is the first IoT platform that links digital content and connects devices.


Last is Pietro Carratu, Founder and CEO of Youbiquo. Smart glasses in the tourism field to enhance your visit at the museum! Explore all the possibilities with this  AR glasses for Tourism or maintenance.


Time for lunch break and hear the elevator pitches at the Demo stage with 12 exhibitors pitch their company to attendees. Please welcome: ASE US, Ascent Batteries, Sensirion, COBI Bike, Ashley Chloe, Roar for Good, Smart Cap, Force Impact Technology, PulseOn, Rithmio, HFT Smart Sensor and Clothing +

All attendees have returned to the main stage to learn how to Create Happy Customers and Solid Products. Mr. Robert Falco of TÜV SÜD moderate this session.

2:15 First to the stage is Gary Davis from Intel Security. Gary is showing us all the vulnerabilities your device is exposed to and which data is being collected.


What can we do as end consumers to protect ourselves from the vulnerabilities? Gary gives some answers.


Next is Vinson and Elkins LLP, Mort Hartwell, speaking on, “What you Don’t  Know Can Hurt You: Legal and Risk Prevention Issues Relating to Wearable Technology Products.” Mort is explaining some of the risks and legal issues he saw during his career when it comes to wearable tech products.


What can wearable tech companies do to avoid legal problems? More answers from Mort…


Please welcome to the stage the second keynote of today’s conference: Rajesh Anandan, Senior Vice President of Unicef Ventures. Kid Power was launched to inspire kids to follow an active and healthy lifestyle and help other kids that are malnourished.


Some of the partners are NFL, Target, Star Wars among others!


We are nearing the end of this exciting day. Next is a special session that covers Next Level Innovations, moderated by Lenny Richiuso from flex. Lenny welcomes to the stage Adrian Tang a researcher from NASA.


Now, Richard Elbert from Cicor speaks about “Technologies that Turn Visions into Reality.” Cicor developed an eye pressure sensor to treat glaucoma.


Next to step to the stage is Gregory from NXP presenting the solutions they have for wearable products!


Last, we welcome Edzer Huitema from Polyera to speak on “The World’s First Flexible Display Product.  The WOVE Band!


For the last session of the day Jason Kra describes a Successful Commercialization of Wearable Product in the Asian Market from Li & Fung Company.

We conclude the day with Michael Brown, VP User Experience of SAP. He is answering the golden question about How Enterprise Organizations Will Play A Critical Role in the Mainstream Adoption of Wearable Devices. He is showing what it is possible with wearables on the workplace. Guiding instructions and real-time collaboration with colleagues through glasses or monitoring athletes.

This is coming to an end for today! Closing remarks on this day by Christian Stammel CEO of WT. Now time for drinks and networking! See you tomorrow again!

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