The MEDICAL FAIR ASIA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE is getting closer day by day, we are now less than 3 weeks away from this inaugural event! The conference will take place on the 1st of September at the Sands EXPO & Convention Centre in Singapore, during MEDICAL FAIR ASIA, the leading medical trade fair in the region.

You now have a chance to join the conference completely free of charge! By sending your name and contact details with the subject “ WT VIP” to [email protected], you are in the running to win a free ticket to attend the conference! Please send in your info by Friday August 19th. (Tickets are valued at €200 / SGD300)

The conference will host International as well as regional, top sports medicine experts, coming together to present and exchange on the latest approaches and innovations in sports medicine. Themed with the role of physical activity in healthcare and innovations in sports medicine, the conference program will tackle these topics in four insightful sessions:

Session 1How to Create and Implement Health Guidelines

The aim of this session is to enlighten the importance of Exercise Medicine, the role of physical activity in healthcare as well as the development of suitable health & fitness guidelines. This will be done by keynote presentations and a panel discussion with industry experts. Topics brought up include “Are the Healthcare and Fitness Sectors Doing Enough to Promote Physical Activity?” and “Physical Activity and the World Health Agenda”.

Session 2 – Training Programs & Equipment – New Findings

Session 2 is all about creating the right activity programs for athletes and non-athletes. Presentations like “Muscle Training Impact on Health” and “Performance Optimization in The Heat”, among others, will dive into individual programs for training and regeneration, personalizing medical products and equipment and hybrid personal coaching and training.

Session 3Latest Innovations in Monitoring Vital Data and Sport Performance

Vital data and performance monitoring, new approaches and trends in monitoring as well as the best practice in monitoring corporate health are topics which are in the fore front of this session. “Monitoring Exercise and Stress in Consumer Products, Professional Sports and Preventive Healthcare” and “The Effect of Alterations In Effective Seat Tube Angle On Cycling Performance”, for example, give insights to this area of sports medicine.

Session 4Digital Innovations in Recreational and Elite Sports

The conference presentations conclude with innovative digital systems in elite and recreational sports, wearable technologies, monitoring different like vital data and the measuring and training of cognitive and emotional parameters. Among the presentations are “Mood Mapping Sensor: More than Skin-Deep” & “Cycling Analysis: Technology and Protocols”.

Download the detailed conference agenda here!

These exciting topics are discussed as well as presented by world renowned experts. Speakers include:

  • Ben Tan | Chief, Department of Sports Medicine Changi General Hospital | Chairman, Exercise is Medicine Singapore
  • Raymond So | Director of Elite Training Science and Technology, Hong Kong Sports Institute | Corresponding members of the Education Commission, FIMS.
  • Cormac O’Muircheartaigh | Medical Director, The Sports Medicine Lab Singapore |
  • Sports Medicine Association Singapore
  • Jason Lee | Head of Human Performance Laboratory, Defence Medical & Environmental Research Institute, DSO National Laboratories
  • Steve Leftly | Director, MYOVOLT
  • Timothy Lim | Head Bikefitter and Engineer, LOUE Bicycles
  • Malia Ho | Principal Podiatrist, Singapore Sports Medical Centre
  • Joni Kettunen | CEO, Firstbeat
  • Ping Kow | Director, Well Being Digital Limited
  • Visit Thaveeprungsriporn | Executive Director, Zensorium
  • Alexis Zervoglos | Chief Business Officer, Qardio

More information on the speaker can be found at

Together with these sports medicine experts, the conference in Singapore will bring forward an established ecosystem and the interdisciplinary exchange between international sports medicine experts, professional athletes, the sporting goods and healthcare industry. The key is to support new cooperation and activities, and foster innovation in the sport medical field to tackle the most prominent healthcare challenges.

As mentioned, if you want a chance to join the conference free of charge, send in your name and contact details with the subject “WT VIP” to [email protected], by Friday, August 19th.

For further information, head to

We hope to see you in Singapore 1st of September! For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Program Management

Dr. Sonja Sulzmaier | [email protected]

Conference Organization & Partnerships

Matias Posio | [email protected]

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