Leaking? There is a Wearable for That.

As you know by now, WT loves wearable tech. We search the entire world to find upcoming devices to solve problems of daily life. Now, I know we have all been there at one time or another.. but isn’t it embarrassing when you are in public and all of a sudden find yourself in desperate need to use the bathroom. Little to fear, this is a common occurrence with most people, so do not feel ashamed! Instead, learn how to better understand your body with …(you guessed it) wearables!

Netherlands is the home of Lifesense Group. A company that is devoted to solving minor urine leaks. Their device, Carin, is small and comfortable. With the help of Carin, you are able to have better control over your pelvic floor exercises. Carin is your right hand training coach to become more comfortable with your bladder. Learn more from the creators themselves on October 12th at the meeting ground of wearables in Asia: WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2016 Asia.

If you’re a female that has anxiety over a leaking menstruation, than my.Flow is the wearable for you. USA based company has created a device that tells you when your tampon should be changed. my.Flow works by connecting it to your tampon string to the device. You click their little black box onto your pants, and connect to their app via Bluetooth. Get out and be active. my.Flow app will let you know when you should search of a bathroom to avoid any leaking. Now, you never have to work about leaks again.

Incon-sense is a new wireless wetness and moisture monitoring system. It is perfect for detecting when a diaper, bandage, or even urine bag is almost full. Incon-sense is great of hospitals and caregiving centers, as well as at home. The company is searching for partners and developers to bring their sensor to life. However, we are confident that Icon-sense will impact the wearable wellness market like no one has done before.

D Free is a product from Japanese Company, Triple W. They are on a mission to have all people feel comfortable with their body’s ability to poop. Yep, discarding waste is not easy for everyone. D Free is designed to help children, people with disabilities, constipation, Irritable Bowl Syndrome and more to monitor their bowel movements. The device is small and discrete. It works by sticking onto your belly – just below the belly button, and sends ultra sound technology to monitor your digestion. Your phone will tell you when is a good time to hang out in a location with a toilet, before continuing on for the day. D Free is not yet for sale, but you can sign up for their newsletter to stay up-to-date on their progress.

Embrace the craziness of your body, yet use the tools available to better understand what is happening. Wearables are your friends, and the WT team is here to share all the latest news with you.

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