Update on Sleep Tracking Wearables

Are you sleeping enough to be the most productive today? Seems like acquiring enough sleep is one of the biggest health problems we face today. Scientist have spent a long time researching the value of sleep and how to ensure the best quality. Wearables have been the tech device to go to when providing a solution. For the past 10 years, WT has witnessed the sleep tracking market rapidly increased. Every few months a new product is released. Here is a brief overview of 3 new devices to watch out for.

Emfit address sleep in many form factors. They have devices to serve athletes, families and caregivers. Emfit OS ($299.00) has a heart variability sensor that shares data of sleep quality, stress level and progression of recovery. With this data can help an athlete is able to recognize if they are fit to work out hard or to take a rest for the following day. Emfit MM ($549.00) detects tonic-clonic seizures and muscle jerking. This device is not a wearable, but a sensor that slides in between your mattress and box spring. This is great for families that wish to know more information about their loved one’s sleep, as well as caregivers. Emfit MM will alarm the family member or caregiver to respond in real-time to an onset seizure. Similarly, Emfit MM can monitor muscle jerking for spasms that last longer than 10 seconds. Emfit MM is safe an accurate for any body type – guaranteeing no false alarms. To learn more stop by their booth at the 4th annual WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2016 Asia this October 12th.

Elf Emmit help a very successful crowdfunding campaign that reached 250% of their goal. That is great feedback from backers. The device is a headband that wraps around the back of your head and hooks onto the top of your ears. Elf Emmit is able to calm you down with pulse electromagnetic technology to match you mind activity with your determination to complete a task. It does this by targeting the cerebellum and enhancing its ability to speed up or slow down. There is still 15 days left in supporting this project. Check it out here.

Sleepman is a wristable that helps track your sleep and activity. It can detect fatigue, as well as track you sleep cycles. Sleepman will wake you up when you are mentally ready to wake up. Another cool feature with Sleepman is their InsomniZap. This features trains kids and adults to fall asleep faster and combate insomnia. How is Sleepman so accurate? It uses a heart rhythm monitor, EDA monitoring and bio-smart alarm, all wrapped into seamless software. Sleepman is ideal for long time driver, people who take frequent naps and are searching for a non-invasive way to monitor your sleep. With 8 features you will be more aware and better prepared for a long and productive day.

Don’t forget how valuable sleep is. Take a time away from your screens at night and allow your mind and eyes to rest. Feel your dreams come to life and your next day productivity level increase with wearables as a tool. The WT hopes to see you at one our next events either in Hong Kong or MEDICA.

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