Are Wearables Becoming Luxury Items?

In September 2015, Apple partnered with Hermes to create a luxury version of the Apple Watch with the goal to convince wearers that the watch could be fashionable as well as functional. That is to say wearables could be more on trend rather than geek chic. Is it a hot trend now that wearables become fashionable luxury items?

Fitbit Flex 2 surprised us with the flexibility in design that can transform from an activity tracker to a luxury item for a night out or a wedding. It has the form of wristband, a beautiful hand-polished bangle and an elegant pendant. Besides, it is still an all-day activity tracker including steps, calories burned, distance, active minutes, hourly activity and stationary time. It can also automatically track activities like running, sports and aerobic workouts. Moreover, Fitbit flex 2 is swim-proof and it is able to stay connected with you all day with a long battery life up to 5 days.

Garmin Fenix chronos is crafted out of premium jeweller’s grade materials. It is the combination of elegant style and robust performance. It is the first Garmin watch to combine a durable metal housing with the latest outdoor navigation and fitness training features. Fenix Chronos is available in 3 distinctive styles: steel with vintage leather band, steel with brushed stainless steel band and titanium with brushed titanium hybrid band. It can provide you with a heart rate monitor function and in addition to counting steps and monitoring sleep, the watch uses heart rate to provide calories burned information and quantify the intensity of your fitness activities.

Kate Spade Wearable
In September fitness trackers which use the Kate Spade cat motif will go on sale. In August, designer brand Kate Spade announced its first line of connected activity – tracking wearable. They will partnership with Fossil Group to launch the three items: a jewellery –inspired bangle, smartwatch and silicone tracker. According to Women’s Wear Daily, the smartwatch or tracker ranges from $125 to $ 250. It is supposed to track activities and sleep. Additionally, it allows wearers to control music. What makes them really standout the market is the luxury look with black and rose gold for the smartwatch, stainless steel and white mother of pearl for the bangle.

Michael Kors
Another brand who also partners with Fossil for smart wearables is Michael Kors. Since the beginning of 2016 at Baselworld, the fashionable Michael Kors Android Wear smartwatch has been available.

And a version for women.

Tony Burch has partnered with Fitbit, Ralph Lauren with OMSignal and Swarovski with Misfit. It seems that wearables are becoming more integrated and invisible into life by disappearing into normal beautiful items. It’s not a new idea, however, it is getting more ingenious.

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