Wearables for Men

Saving your manhood against the sedentary lifestyle, work related stress, accelerated ageing, stopping snoring for a healthy sleep or biopsy for the prostate. Nowadays, we have plenty of devices specially developed and designed for men. Let WT | Wearable Technologies introduce you to some interesting wearable devices for men´s health.

Prostate/Pelvic Coil

ScanMed was born of the need for superior quality products and service for the resonance imaging industry. When the quality and integrity of an image can have life-changing implications, the image truly becomes everything. With that in mind, ScanMed offers the world’s first non-invasive, wearable, and highly accurate Prostate/Pelvic MRI Coil, making them an innovation leader in terms of offering viable diagnostic solutions to the masses. Prostate/Pelvic Coil is a wearable, stain-resistant and fluid-proof coil designed for visualizing the prostate and reproductive organs while also allowing for biopsy. Its flexible material conforms to various body shapes, allowing for a snug, yet comfortable fit. This coil is designed to be used with or without a biopsy probe. ScanMed’s solution-based MRI coils are multi-functional and bring more coverage and wide-spread clinical application with a higher signal-to-noise ratio, solidifying the rank of frontrunner in the MRI coil industry.

VylyV Smart Shorts

VylyV is a lifestyle altering smart training short to peak the bedroom performance and guard the wellness of your manhood against the sedentary lifestyle, work related stress and accelerated ageing. Pelvic floor, known as the ‘love muscle’, is a key factor affecting your bedroom performance. It is also closely related to prostate and urinary health, guarding against signs of ageing such as incontinence and erectile dysfunction. You can use smart sensing as your private coach and provide guidance for pelvic floor training and progressively level up your bedroom performance. You can also include pelvic floor into your daily workout plan to power the core of muscles and maintain prostate und urinary health. VylyV claims the shorts will “peak the sexual performance by pelvic floor training and guard the manhood wellness against the sedentary lifestyle.”

Snore Circle

Snore circle is an affordable and worthwhile product that fosters snore-less sleep all night long. This ingenious wearable relies on sound technologies to decipher requisite information. It then intervenes physically through micro-vibration as well as micro sounds through a range of 54 levels. Simply place Snore Circle on either of your ears and power it on. As long as it is turned on, it will automatically enter its preset working mode, ensuring you get the best sleep you’ve had in a long time. By tightening the throat muscles which consequently expands the airway, snoring will become a thing of the past for you. When your snoring stops the wearable device will revert to its dormant state automatically. Ultimately, this will stop any form of snoring and ensure that the user gets the best night’s sleep. All the data gathered by Snore Circle will be sent to its companion app for further analysis and display.

As you see the men´s health is not neglected by wearable technology. We still have some interesting products specially designed for men apart from usual snore stoppers. Let´s see what comes up next.

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