2018 Fall Detection Devices: Monitors, Bracelets and Watches

Fall detection is not a brand new idea. Most traditional medical alert systems rely on a pendant or button that our loved ones must press to call for help. But what if they are unable to signal for help when they fall? Luckily technology is offering a more effective solution with wearables which can give us peace of mind.

Gociety Solutions has developed a wearable all-in-one safety clip for every situation. Besides an alarm button for any assistance and an activity monitor, the GoLiveClip automatically registers a falling incident and is programmed to send a text message and an email with your location to your enlisted emergency contacts as soon as it does. Simply attach it to your clothes and stay safe all the time – no matter where or when. Gociety Solutions will exhibit at the WT | Wearable Technologies Show MEDICA on November 12-15 – stop by and try it out!

Another great fall detector comes with Angel4 by Sense4Care, the device provides automatic detection in a very sensitive way, thanks to a triaxial accelerometer and a new algorithm. The system consists of a small sensor which is placed at the waist with a clip or a belt and is connected to the telecare system, the health center or your mobile phone. Once a fall is recorded, a countdown is starting but can be interrupted by the user. If not interrupted, the system performs an emergency call and sends several SMS indicating the persons situation and GPS location. Sense4Care will also exhibit at the WT | Wearable Technologies Show MEDICA 2018.

112Motion, a former will exhibitor at the WT | Wearable Technologies Joint Pavilion at MEDICA 2016 is taking care of your beloved ones with their FallAlert wearable. It connects to the Cloud eCare platform, using smart rules to deliver decisions. It notifies caregivers immediately when an individual falls, providing information like fall severity or if they were able to get up.


Smart Glasses enabling fall detection? Right! The Ellcie Healthy Smart connected eyewear has been designed to prevent risks for your health and look after you every day. It evolves thanks to software updates – so today this connected eyewear detects drowsiness while driving; tomorrow it will detect falls, and even prevent them, allow activity tracking and a lot more. The idea is to integrate a number of sensors to the eyeglasses’ frames, send the collected data (physical, physiological or environmental) via smartphone to Artificial Intelligence algorithms to be processed into information and / or predictions on the wearer’s health and safety. Ellcie Healthy boosted its business by taking part in the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup.

Automatic Fall Detection from E-domotica offers you to get notified when your grandparents or your parents have fallen. Upon the detection of a fall a first alarm is activated only inside the bracelet. After about 15 seconds the bracelet will vibrate indicating the detection. The user now has the possibility to stop the alarm by just moving the arm. If this first alarm is not stopped by the user, the e-Domotica Portal will automatically contact family members.

Last but not least, Kinesis provides QTUG – a mobility and fall risk assessment technology to predict and prevent falls. How can QTUG do it? As we know falls occur as a result of a decline in health and fitness in older adults. Along with QTUG, it is easy to screen for gait and mobility impairment, and identify those at risk. After that the Timed Up and Go (TUG) test is needed to produce a simple falls risk score. This can facilitate early intervention. Besides, QTUG is a medical device which is supposed to use more often in clinic. This product was exhibited with WT | Wearable Technologies at MEDICA 2016. 

We hope these wearables will effectively help you to feel more comfortable leaving your family members alone. Let´s give elderly a safe feeling with wearable technology – even if we are not with them!

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