Wearables Transform Theme Parks

Every year, millions of tourists and thrill-seekers visit theme parks around the world exploring one of a kind sights, sounds and heights. Some theme parks have an idea to enhance the entertainment experience for tourists with wearable technologies. In this article, WT | Wearable Technologies would like to reveal how wearables impact the theme park experience.

MagicBands at DisneyLand
What does the MagicBands do? MyMagic+ is the system which is supposed to help you navigate the daunting task of theme park visits with a MagicBands on your wrist. The bracelet links electronically to an encrypted database of visitor information, serve as admission tickets, hotel keys and credit or debit card. It begins when you book your hotel and tickets through Disney. After that, you are able to plan every detail on your trip from airport to hotel transportation. Additionally you can also schedule when your visit to each theme park is, where you would like to dine for meals. Moreover, you are allowed to pre-order your food. You don’t need to endure waiting in a super long line when you are hungry. Also, the tracking power is extremely important for Disney theme park because it helps Disney determine when to add more staff at ride, what restaurants should serve, what souvenirs should be stocked and how many employees in costume should roam around at any given time.

Accesso Prism
Accesso Prism is a wearable device that shines a new light on your experience. It gives theme parks and attractions the power to schedule ride bookings without kiosks or cell phones and connect with you in new ways throughout your entire visit. It allows you to have a wait-free experience by reserving your place in line, changing your ride selection and monitoring your ride return time. The new accesso Prism does much more than wait in line for you. It also has an integrated smart park which provides front gate entry, to allowing cashless purchases and providing the first interactive wearable that can push notifications or trigger nearby events based on your location. Accesso Prism sets a new standard for the theme park.

Universal’s Vocalno Bay water park will also join the wearable world in 2017 with TapuTapu. You will receive new TapuTapu wearables when you enter the park. The TapuTapu will let you virtually wait in line while you are playing in other areas of the park. You will get an alert when it’s your turn to ride. Moreover, the technology can trigger special effects, for example, controlling streams of water spurting.

At the moment, the biggest impact is being able to accommodate more people because wearables are just more efficient. Additionally, wearables definitely enable guests to have a substantially better experience than they’ve had before.

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