The Latest Smart Glasses

Since the announcement of Google Glass in 2012, there has been a huge hype over the face-worn computer. During 5 years, WT | Wearable Technologies always keeps you updated with any innovation in smart glasses world. Let’s discover with us what else smart glasses can be.

Snap Spectacles
Spectacles are the camera-equipped sunglasses that were recently introduced by the company formerly known as Snapchat. Spectacles are aimed to bring Snapchat users brand new experience in recording video that set sent right back into the app. Moreover, Spectacles can remove the last few layers of friction from the already pretty frictionless process of recording video from your smartphone. The most important advantage of Spectacles is to bring a unique perspective of capturing things for Snapchat users. Besides, this wearable camera glasses are charged with a magnetic USB 2.0 that you can connect to the glasses themselves.

This January at CES, the first pair of smart specs by Safilogroup partnering with Interaxon Inc was revealed. Safilo smart glasses are able to measure wearers’ brainwaves throughout 5 EEG sensors which are integrated on the frames and nose bridge. Additionally, it provides stress feedback and meditation exercises in a companion app. The glass is also available in a range of sunglasses style that is launched in summer 2017. Therefore, “the consumers don’t have to make sacrifices on the glasses in order to get the technology”- Luisa Delgado – CEO Safilogroup. Moreover, the smart glasses’ battery can last for a week.

Simvalley Mobile Smart Glasses SG-100
The Simvalley Mobile Smart Glasses is perfect for sports and car driving. There is an earphone equipped with the glasses to bring users additional features. You can spice up your running training with music via Bluetooth. In addition, it can guide you when you are driving. Even for making phone call, there is a microphone invisible in the bracket. Moreover, the camera integrated into the glasses, you can capture your personal impressions as much as you experience.

ODG’s AR Smartglasses
At CES 2017, ODG unveiled their first consumer AR glasses. The new R-8 and R-9 mixed reality smart glasses are sleek, small and fit in your pocket. They allow users to interact with 3D objects that pop up as floating images on top of real-world backgrounds. Moreover, the glasses are versatile and can be used for VR. They bring new experiences to VR movies with cinematic clarity. Besides, they can also be used for AR or VR gaming. Game controllers can be hooked up to the smart glasses.

Along with the Smart Glasses market opening more and more every month, WT | Wearable Technologies expects more to come in 2017.

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