Wearables for Cats

It is not a secret that we all love our pets, thus we are willing to try new methods of keeping them safe and healthy. Pet wearables are not exactly new, however, WT | Wearable Technologies would like to bring you a look at a few fresh wearable devices available on the market.

Moggie is a smart collar that helps you to interact with your cat in a new way. The Moggie works with the thought of cat. The artificial intellect system recognizes everything from active games, rest, sleep, indoor temperature to when your cat is in danger. The collar has a smart magnetic clasp which is securely fixes the cat’s neck. Moreover, it is easy to adjust for different cat’s size because of smart magnetic clasp. Additionally, Moggie is a detachable device. That means you don’t need to confuse or disturb your cat by getting the collar off for recharge. And it’s waterproof.

Tabcat by Loc8tor
Tabcat is the revolutionary cat-tracking device that lets you keep on top of the whereabouts your cat. Tapcat uses dual directional technology, audio and visual cues to guide you and show you exactly which way to walk to find your cat. The patented Radio Frequency based technology is accurate enough to find where the cat is up to 122 metres. You can also train your cat to return home when it hears the beep.

Catstacam is a new way to help you better understand your cat. it is a collar-worn camera, which is used to capture your cat’s own point of view. It has ability to shoot six photos per minute, then upload the best ones to instagram once it connects to Wi-Fi. The camera is activated by motion.

Pawtrack is a GPS cat-tracking device. It uses GPS and Glonass for tracking. Pawtrack takes a location fix every 10 minutes (and on request for live tracking). These positions are stored on the collar and are then uploaded automatically or on demand. Additionally, the collar is programmed to recognise your home internet network. Whenever your cat returns, Pawtrack will recognise and signal the server to download the latest position and turn off the GPS. When your cat leaves home, the collar starts up again.

Petpace is a smart collar alerting you when your cat has a problem. The smart sensing collar continuously collects your cat vital signs and behaviour patterns. In addition, it can monitor your cat’s temperature, heart rate, respirator rate, activity level, positions and calories. Then the Petpace’s integrated Health Monitoring Service can analyse the health data collected, alerting you immediately at the first sign of any trouble.

If it happens that you want your cat to be as trendy and fit as you, WT | Wearable Technologies hope that you can find your favorite option above!

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