Wearables for Diabetics

Diabetes requires treatment and everyday strategies to control it. Suffering diabetics are faced with the task of continuous monitoring and managing the a number of lifestyle factors; food, sleep, insulin level. Thanks to the positive development of technology, wearables are now emerging as one of the most effective tools for diabetic prevention.

Siren Care
Do you know that every year millions of people with diabetes suffer with foot ulcers? Foot ulcers are the most common reason for hospital stays for people with diabetes. However, Diabetic foot ulcers are preventable with Siren Care’s smart shock. As temperature rises cause skin inflammation, Siren smart shock can monitor foot temperature to catch injuries early before they turn into an ulcer. Additionally, there is no need to charge the socks. Each sock is built with a 6-months lifespan and are also washable.

Siren Care – A Healthy Life Starts with Healthy Feet. from Siren Care on Vimeo.

K’Track Glucose from PKvitality is also another choice to make life easier because it allows diabetics to self-monitor their glucose levels without the need of cumbersome and painful blood-based tests. Requiring no calibration, K’Track just requires a simple press gesture on the watch to displays the glucose level. K’Track encourages people to wear it all day long to monitor blood glucose during sport and exercise when glucose levels are prone to spike. Moreover, K’Track Glucose can also track steps taken, distanced travelled and calories burned.

Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson also offers us an insulin patch named OneTouch Via. Sometimes people with diabetes can feel embarrassed when they need to inject insulin at mealtimes. As an injection-free insulin patch, users just need to press two buttons on the device to deliver the insulin bolus. This action can be done even through clothing, therefore, patients feel encouraged to dose more often which leads to better treatment.

In the future due to the rising number of wearable devices,  diabetes care and management will relieve patients of many troubles and worries. Additionally, WT | Wearable Technologies hopes wearables can make the life of those with diabetes much easier.

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