Technologies and Components for Wearables on Display at WTEU17

On 7th and 8th of February 2017 the leading trade fair for wearable and connected devices opens it´s doors for the 11th time.  The WT | Wearable Technologies Conference Europe 2017 will be taking place in Munich´s ICM International Congress Center and will bring together industry and innovation experts from all around the globe. This year, the conference will focus on wearable tools and boosting everyday experiences, from areas such as medicine, sports and lifestyle. Numerous additional novelties and innovations, including the WT Innovation World Cup winners, can be seen at the conference. So let us introduce you to our exhibitors Ascent Batteries, Enfucell and Renata.

Ascent Batteries

As the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of advanced rechargeable batteries Ascent batteries is continually devoted its resources and efforts to developing higher performing & critically reliable rechargeable batteries for wearable electronics, portable electronics and industrial application. Based on their advanced technology, stringent quality control, and cost competitiveness, they offer a wide range of quality Lithium-Polymer batteries to meet their customer’s ever-growing demands for higher performance, higher energy density, safer, lighter weight and longer cycle life. Based on its advanced technology, stringent QC, and cost competitiveness, Ascen Batteries offers a wide range of quality Nickel Metal Hydride as well as Lithium-Polymer batteries to meet ever-growing demands for higher drain performance, higher energy density, lighter-weight, more safety and longer cycle life.


Enfucell Oy is a technology company located in Vantaa, Finland. Enfucell has developed a printable, thin, flexible, and eco-friendly SoftBattery®, which can be used as a power source in various Internet of Things and wearable electronics products and applications. The company was started in 2002, and employs about 10 people. Enfucell’s primary target industries are healthcare, sports and logistics. These are all areas where wearability is important and thin and flexible batteries are needed the most. In the logistics sector, a good example is monitoring the cold chain in valuable shipments. Enfucell is cooperating with product developers and component suppliers with wide concept. We offer engineering services for those looking for a power source for disposable IoT devices.


Renata is a worldwide leading producer of micro-batteries for electronic applications from Sitzerland. They offer a wide range of different battery technologies: lithium primary and secondary, mercury-free silver oxide button cells, zinc-air cells and thin-film cells.The business – founded in 1952 with the goal to produce mechanical parts for wrist-watches – specialised in button-battery cells in the late 70s and after this focused on the wrist-watch industry. Thanks to its deep knowledge of production processes, Renata has earned itself a reputation as an extremely flexible and reliable battery supplier. The consistent high quality and power of the micro-batteries is also the result of its extensive quality assurance system. This includes the complete production process – from the inspection of incoming raw materials right through to the testing of the finished product.

Only six days to go until the 11th Wearable Technologies Conference Europe 2017 in Munich. On 7th and 8th of February our exhibitors will cover a wide range of different topics from Sports and Fitness to Healthcare and much more. Additionally, all winners of the Innovation World Cup will be presented at the Innovation Wild Fire Session on the first day of the conference (February 7., 3:40pm). We hope to see you in Munich.

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