Wearables for Hiking in Winter

Hiking is great fun and with a bunch of friends it can be very entertaining. But hiking is also kind of a risky adventure too. It is great fun but one should have proper equipment with him and go on a journey of hiking. Today, the days are gone when backpacking consisted of strapping on a huge external frame and lumbering through the forest with an aching body. Nowadays we got really good equipment which we can use for our hiking trips. So check out what you can use for your “winter” hiking season 2017.


Clim8 is the first heating clothing technology that is intelligent enough to monitor and analyze the wearer’s temperature, it’s activity and the climate. Thanks to a dedicated app and a complex algorithm, clim8 also takes into account the wearer’s sensitivity to the cold and personal profile to automatically deliver the appropriate amount of heat in real time. The result is highly customized thermal comfort, adapted to anybody, in any condition. Clim8 integrates sensors in the garment monitoring your skin temperature.  As the temperature changes, the shirt also changes to meet your needs. The advanced body mapping concept ensures you retain warmth in specific areas where you are most sensitive. The Clim8 app lets you calibrate the heating, track an activity or assess your energy levels. This heating  clothing technology is a perfect choice four your hiking trips in winter.


Low Alpine worked hard to incorporate the best technology there is into our range of ventilated hiking packs, so you can keep cool and comfortable on long hikes, whatever size pack you’re carrying. AirZone is one of the best-ventilated hiking and walking packs out there designed and finished with understated quality and polish and an effective, no-nonsense performer. With the carrying system sorted, you will appreciate the two compartment design offering ease of packing with the option to expand should you require it. The no trouble access happily means you can dive right in to get that extra layer should the weather turn. With your drink bottle stashed in the stretch pockets, your phone tucked away in the hipbelt pocket and your ‘goodies’ easily accessible in the mesh front pocket. See here all functions of this brilliant backpack.

Alpine 7V Nylon Heated Snow Gloves 

The Alpine heated gloves are lightweight using a nylon shell combined with 150 grams of insulation. The gloves also include nubuck leather accents and a digital leather palm for extra grip and durability. By utilizing the Zero Layer® heat system the Alpine gloves eliminate bulk and maximizes heat transfer. Constructed with a waterproof/breathable membrane these gloves will not only keep you warm but also dry. Great for all snow sports and outside winter activities. The battery pocket is located in the middle of the glove for easy accessibility. The battery pocket opens and closes with a strong waterproof zipper and has a display window so you can see the power level setting. This window will allow the user to easily adjust the temperature to one of four power level settings without taking the battery out of the pocket.

Petzl Tikka RXP

The Petzl Tikka RXP is a powerful headlamp which provides brightness of 215 lumens. This headlamp is perfect for hikers and mountaineers who often spend a night in nature and thus want a reliable and powerful piece of lighting equipment. The headlamp has a sensor which analyses the ambient light and adjusts the beam pattern and brightness automatically. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the brightness regulation in relation to battery consumption; the headlamp will adjust itself to achieve the optimal results. The beam pattern can also be adjusted and thus allows you to achieve great illumination in various conditions. The battery is rechargeable by a micro USB cable. When the headlamp is connected to a computer you can also change the headlamp’s settings directly from there – OS Petzl software is required for this.

You see that we already got a wide range of different products for hiking. This products are not all embedded with wearable technology till now, like GPS or other useful functions but we will see some innovative products soon.

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