4 Top Wearables That Will Keep You Warm!

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere this article will be perfect for you! Temperatures have plunged drastically in this past week and this cold snap is thought to be the most relentless cold weather in the past years. Hence, we have selected a few wearables that will make your way from home to work – even at metro areas – more pleasant! Tired of feeling frozen all the time? If so, check them out!

Ministry of Supply, a Boston-based company has developed a new smart heated-jacket – called the Mercury Intelligent Heated Jacket – that can provide the wearer with the perfect amount of warmth from one environment to the other. Mercury is equipped with sensors that can detected the outside temperature and furthermore it uses thin carbon pads that will regulate the heat in the jacket. The cool aspect about this jacket is that it controlled by voice through a smart assistant e.g. Alexa or even Google Assistant. Moreover, the voice feature uses machine learning and allows the user to preheat the jacket whenever needed, which means: the jacket will be ready and warm so that you can step out into the frosty air without second thoughts! The Mercury jackets are expected to be available in the market by next winter.

Embr Wave, by Embr Labs, is a wearable wristband that can warm you up or cool you down whenever you feel like it! Its technology is embedded with a thermoelectric tile that can change your body temperature whenever exposed to an electrical tide. This relies on the idea that that warming or cooling one spot on your body can improve your overall comfort without changing your core temperature. Using the Embr Wave wristband is easy, all you have to do is: press the left bar for cooling down and the right bar for warming up. Embr Wave has a clean and modern design and it is powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 25 sessions or more on a single charge.


Aircon Watch is an innovative wearable that is capable of cooling or warming your body in a couple of minutes. The smartwatch is supplied with ClimaCon technology that by being in contact with the wearer´s wrist will change the type of signal that your nervous system sends to your brain. Namely, it allows a maximum transfer of temperature and gives the user a sensation of coolness/warmth once this pulse of heat and cold comes in intervals of 15 seconds – this approach will allow your body to react each time with a new sensation in case the temperature changes. Aircon Watch looks just like a regular smartwatch and comes in two different colors: white and black.


Polar Seal Heated Tops, by Polar Seal, looks like a normal top but it can be heated with a simple touch of a button. The top was tested and designed for alpine climate and outdoors and can be smoothly worn on top of a T-shirt or under a jacket, whatever suits you best! Polar Seal Heated Tops´s LED buttons are water and shockproof and provides the user with two heating zones and three different temperature levels. Moreover, its light and flexible material allows the wearer to wear it at any temperature – also, when practicing sports. Polar Seal garments are powered by standard USB power banks and can also be washed.


These new gadgets are the perfect fix for the many layers of clothing that we have to wear on a daily basis, don´t you think? Also, now you don´t have to worry about looking bulgy!! Go outside and enjoy winter to the fullest in the warmest way possible!

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