BioSensics Launches Digital Platform for Clinical Trials

biosensics, clinical trials

BioSensics LLC, a Watertown, Massachusetts-based wearable sensor maker, has launched a Sensor-Integrated Digital Platform for measurement and remote monitoring of movement-based biomarkers in clinical trials. Combining clinical-grade wearable sensors and turnkey data transfer and storage solutions, the platform collects sensor and ePRO data from trial participants in a timely manner. With clinically-validated algorithms doctors can evaluation a wide range of endpoints from the sensor data such as physical activity, gait, falls, frailty, balance, and fatigue, as well as disease-specific motor symptoms like tremor, foot drop, and chorea. The technology could be used in areas such as stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, musculoskeletal disorders, oncology, orthopedics, and many others.

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The driving force behind the platform is the company’s wearable sensors which have been used in over 50 clinical trials and more than 200 scientific publications. While the participants are wearing the sensors, the device continuously collects data of their daily activity and at the same time alerts the clinical study staff if the sensors aren’t worn accordingly. A customizable ePRO interface via smartphone or tablet automatically transfer data to a HIPAA compliant cloud server.

biosensics, clinical trials

“Our support services streamline clinical trials by minimizing the burden on participants, clinical sites, and our pharma clients,” says Dr. Joseph T. Gwin, VP of Research and Development at Biosensics.

“We are very excited about the positive impact of our wearable sensor technologies in clinical trials. For diseases that impact movement and mobility, assessing how new therapeutics improve patient motor function is critical for understanding treatment efficacy. Our clinical-grade sensors and algorithms, combined with our digital platform, provide a robust solution for measuring those critical movement-based biomarkers.”

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In addition to the Sensor-Integrated Digital Platform, the company’s direct experience in clinical research for decades enables it to offer related clinical trial services. During each stage of the trial, hands-on support services are provided by a team of biomechanists, biomedical engineers, and algorithm development engineers working for Biosensics. Services offered by the company include custom algorithms and analytics, scientific consulting, patient follow-up, data management and reporting, site-training and technical support.

“Our support services streamline clinical trials by minimizing the burden on participants, clinical sites, and our pharma clients,” said Dr. Gwin.

About BioSensics

BioSensics is known worldwide as a company that provides wearable sensor technologies for clinical research and medical applications. Technologies offered by the company include novel solutions for telehealth, aging-in-place, physical therapy, chronic disease management, rehabilitation, and clinical research.

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