Jupl Launches Online Customer Sales of its Safety Watch

Jupl safety watch

Jupl, New Zealand’s first thoroughly mobile connected health and safety company, has announced that it is launching online customer sales of its Jupl Safety Watch.

Jupl uses the Samsung Gear S3 watch in combination with its own cloud-based monitoring and analytics system. This combination in partnership with Cisco Jasper and Spark, guarantees that customers stay connected wherever they are in Australia and New Zealand.

“We partnered with Samsung to integrate the Gear S3 smartwatch into our cloud-based health and safety software platform to provide services such as wearer location tracking and two-way voice communication with family and friends, care managers or employers who can respond if the wearer is in distress,” says CEO and Jupl co-founder Alan Brannigan.

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The Gear S3 is the first smart watch with an embedded SIM, which enables it to function just like a mobile phone and transmit data.

A wearer nominates a friend, family member, or employer as his/her “carer.” If at any time the wearer becomes distressed or feels vulnerable, the Jupl Safety Watch immediately sends emergency alert to the carer. It is a fully mobile device with its own connectivity to the mobile network.

Jupl safety watch

Brannigan said that they’ve established a successful business to business market with their ANZ channel partners. He also said people always ask them about where they can buy a Jupl Safety Watch directly for their loved ones that live independently and/or employees that work alone and often remotely. “So, in response to this, we built a wearable self-monitoring consumer product which can be purchased online,” he said.

Jupl co-founder Sir Ray Avery said, “Having our own stand-alone connected smartwatch (enabled by the latest e-SIM technology) means Jupl Safety Watch wearers and carers can receive real time alerts throughout New Zealand and Australia where there is mobile network coverage.”

Most of the current personal emergency response services are landline based, so they are subject to power and telephone line outages and these predicaments are becoming more common due to increase in extreme weather conditions, said Sir Ray. The Jupl Safety Watch beats these problems providing customers and care givers peace of mind, he said.

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I’m very proud of the technology the Jupl team have developed,” Sir Ray concluded.

In February, Jupl signed its first Australian supply agreement with connected health solutions provider Frontier Networks.

Jupl won the deal through a global tender and finalized the contract at the inaugural Samsung Healthcare Summit held in Sydney at the end of 2017.

Brannigan said the solution unfolded after thousands of hours of collaboration between Samsung, Spark, Cisco Jasper, and Jupl.

“The solution was made possible, in large part, by the roaming capability of the Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch, in conjunction with the embedded SIM solution provided by Spark, and managed using the Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity platform provided by Cisco Jasper,” Brannigan said.

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