Rockwell Collins Unveils FasTAK Tactical Combat Targeting

Rockwell Collins fastak

Rockwell Collins has launched a new tactical combat targeting system and secure communications gateway, called FasTAK. The company hopes the system can be successfully used in today’s digital battlefield. Rockwell is demonstrating the solution for the first time at the Canadian Association of Defense and Security Industries’ CANSEC trade show May 30-31.

“FasTAK simplifies a complex set of tasks for users, helping them carry out missions more efficiently while remaining agile,” says Troy Brunk, VP and general manager, Communication, Navigation and Electronic Warfare Solutions for Rockwell Collins. “From units on the move to command and control, the system provides reliable, secure connectivity across the battlefield.”

FasTAK features a wearable targeting system run by Windows and Android. Using a cell phone or tablet, the system is supplied with handy applications to arm battlefield soldiers with powerful communications data that blends with existing radios, lasers, and GPS devices.

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Rockwell Collins fastak
FasTAK is a lightweight solution that delivers simplicity, speed and data integrity from the commander to the soldiers in battlefield. (Image: Rockwell Collins)

The standard system contains a fully-integrated set of hardware including a tactical computer, laser range finder, video downlink receiver and the FasTAK digital targeting software. The wearable device is lightweight compared to legacy solutions, with the Windows backed system weighing less than 6 pounds and the Android backed system under three pounds.

To enable the system’s interoperability and establish connection with the targeting system, the FasTAK Gateway uses Rockwell Collins’ Link 16 terminal, TacNet Tactical Radio in combination with an AN/PRC-162(V)1 Manpack radio as a single transportable unit. A simple laptop running data link processor software manages the data links, data forwarding for the equipment and radio frequencies in a lightweight, transportable container.

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Rockwell Collins is a leader in aviation and high-integrity solutions for commercial and military customers around the world. Rockwell Collins has been providing avionics and information technology systems and services to governmental agencies and aircraft manufacturers. For more than 20 years, the company has provided Joint Fires solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense, coalition forces and NATO that have enhanced communication and speed for successful tactical operations. As experts in cabin electronics, flight deck avionics, cabin interiors, mission communications, information management, and simulation and training, Rockwell Collins offers an extensive portfolio of products and services.

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