zGlue’s Platform zOrigin Lets You Customize Your Own Wearable

Wearables are getting smaller and smaller. The smaller the components, the sleeker the devices, meaning nicer looks and more comfortable user experience. zGlue, a Mountain View, CA-based startup believes in a future where people will create their own wearable devices. That’s why the company created a zOrigin – a chipset and platform that lets you create your own wearable.

zOrigin is a tiny self-contained chipset that contains an ARM Cortex M0 processor, contact-based heart rate monitor, accelerometer, vibrating motor, temperature sensor, 25mAh rechargeable battery, LED, and Bluetooth LE radio. Essentially, it has the key components which are found in an average fitness tracker.

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The company says its DIY innovation arose in 2014 when they realized this was the time for a need of a different form of technology.

“We saw that people needed technology that is cheaper than SoC, smaller than PCB, and with a much easier and faster path from prototype to production than traditional design and manufacturing services can offer,” stated zGlue’s website. “We knew that a new and different kind of company was needed to build it. That’s why we founded zGlue.”

zOrigin wearable
With the zOrigin chipset you can make and customize your wearable. (Image: zGlue)

One of the biggest investors of zGlue is Sonny Vu, former CEO and founder of Misfit. Vu is someone who has a good handle on the wearable industry. He knows the science behind creating design for various form factors.

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Ideal for making tiny wearables, zOrigin is the first wearable built with the groundbreaking zGlue chip-stacking technology to make the wearable more custom-tailored. One of the great things about zGlue is its IoT platform which allows chips to be entirely customized, expunging high costs, difficulties, lengthy design time, and risks.

The company wants to give everyone unlimited freedom for creating things that are faster, smaller, and cheaper than what the conventional SoC and PCB integration technologies offer. zGlue envisions a future where an idea can turn into a software model in minutes and into a finished hardware product in just days.

“We want everyone to have access to the power of Moore’s Law, know the wonder of semiconductors, and experience the quality, speed, and scale of tomorrow’s technology. We’re not there yet, but we know the future is near,” says zGlue.

The kit costs $49 ($149, if you want the development board as well) and is being launched on CrowdSupply. You’ll have to wait until August to start enjoying this product.

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