CommandWear Wearable Technology Helps Save Lives While Also Keeping First Responders Safe

CommandWear wearable technology

CommandWear, a Vancouver-based company develops mobile apps and software for wearable technology to keep first responders safer on the job. The company’s web, wearable and mobile apps deal with vital needs of first responders around the world.

Public safety and technology veteran Mike Morrow is the founder and CEO of the company launched in 2013. Since then, the company has seen rapid growth due to rising demand for improved safety and security technologies.

Morrow said after spending years working alongside first responder teams, he witnessed many lives adversely affected due to the lack of tools available to responders and survivors in crisis situations.

Reports from catastrophic events like 9/11, hurricane Katrina, mass shootings and riots show that better situational awareness tools among responders could save many more lives.

How Does CommandWear Platform Work?

During an emergency situation, response teams usually rely on radios or in-vehicle technology to communicate, but the problem with this is that most of the time emergency responders do not have a free hand to use a radio or be in a vehicle to report critical information.

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CommandWear solves this problem by influencing smart wearable and mobile technology to enhance situational awareness. CommandWear’s proprietary software runs on smartphones, desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartwatches to collect data and boost communication between the first responders.

CommandWear wearable technology
A Paramedic equipped with situational awareness tools. (Image: American Security Today)

“Responders need to track their teams, know where they are at any moment in time, communicate effectively and be able to go back and review what happened to update their plans,” explained Morrow.

The platform collects data on responders’ location, status and heart rate, enabling them to remain hands-free while fully connected.

Responders can also send photos and videos or in case of an emergency, use a panic button on the smartwatch that sends an alert to the command center.

Global Partners

Working with various public safety and security companies around the world, CommandWear has utilized its wearable technology in over twenty operational field deployments. Corporate and private security companies in North America are also embracing CommandWear technology.

“We are proud to be doing our part to equip first responders with the right tools and intelligence to help them keep our communities safe and keep themselves alive,” added Morrow.

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CommandWear has also worked with emergency health services such as the BC Ambulance Service providing smart wearables to paramedic bike squads, and the technology has also helped paramedics respond to the Opioid crisis in BC.

CommandWear was one of the companies chosen by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to take part in their First Responder Innovation program EMERGE.

The company recently collaborated with a large international police force to launch new wearable technology solutions designed to boost officer safety and operational efficiency.

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