Dirac Research Enters the Gaming Headset Market With Its Breakthrough 3D Audio Surround Sound

Dirac, an industry-leader in digital sound solutions for car, home theater, and mobile devices, has announced its expansion into the gaming headset market with its 3D audio surround sound for a gaming headset slated to be introduced later this year. The breakthrough system has been licensed by a major Chinese consumer tech company.

Dirac’s Business Director and General Manager of AR/ VR said the licensed 3D audio solution produces a best-in-class immersive and externalized surround sound listening experience that’s ideal for gaming, while maintaining an ultra-low CPU.

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“Dirac enters a new market only when we are completely confident that we have a solution that delivers a truly best-in-class experience for its end-users,” said Isaksson. “This is true of Dirac Unison in the automotive market, Dirac Live in the home theater market, Dirac Panorama Sound in the mobile market, and is most certainly true of our new 3D audio surround sound solution for the headset market. Our reputation is hard-earned, well-deserved, and will only be further bolstered as the gaming headset market experiences our 3D audio technology.”

In addition to the 3D audio solution, the new gaming headset will also include the Dirac HD Sound solution, which produces a powerful and pristine listening experience ideal for music listening.

Users can toggle between two sound modules based on their activity – music listening or gaming – with the flip of a switch, Isaksson said.

Dirac audio gaming headset

“The reality is that convincing a gamer that a helicopter is flying over their head or a hockey puck just hit the glass requires a different solution than reproducing music in the way the artist intended it – and this new headset delivers consumers the highest quality, most convincing audio in both scenarios,” he added.

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Back in January, 2017, Dirac’s newly-formed XR Business first launched its 3D audio capabilities, and received critical acclaim. Since then Dirac bagged a series of 3D audio-related wins, including a prime fundraising round to boost product development efforts, key hires from Europe and North America to develop industry connections, Best VR/AR Industry Technology recognition at the Tech XLR8 Award Ceremony, the launch of a second-generation solution at MWC 2018, and now, most recently, its debut into the gaming headset space through a major deal with an industry leader.

Dirac’s suite of audio boosting solutions is presently used by industry leaders in the automotive, home theater, and mobile markets such as Rolls-Royce, Volvo, Bentley, Harman, Storm Audio, NAD Electronics, Pioneer, Datasat, Xiaomi, OPPO, Huawei, OnePlus, and many more.

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