This app measures how well you sleep using your phone’s speakers as a SONAR system

Sleepscore helps you sleep better

SleepScore is the first of its kind app that is designed to help you achieve better sleep without requiring anything more than your iPhone or Android phone placed on your bed stand. The app is free and launches for iPhone on Tuesday and Android later this month.

The app is created by SleepScore Labs, a joint venture between ResMed, who is exhibiting at the WT | Wearable Technologies Show 2018 MEDICA in Düsseldorf on November 12-15, Dr. Oz Media, and Pegasus Capital Advisors best known for its contactless, bedside sleep quality measurement device.

Here’s how it works

You install the free app, and then run through it and answer a few questions, like whether you normally sleep well or not, if you like to sleep in a cool room, if you typically snore, if you prefer white noise while you sleep.

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Next, you place the phone next to your bed – the company recommends you keep it about 6 inches above your chest, facing you – and tap a button to begin recording your sleep. If you find it difficult to place your phone at that height, you may want to stack a couple of books on top of a Kleenex box, then put your phone on top.

When you sleep, the app enables your phone to generate inaudible, high frequency sound waves, that bounce off your body and back to your phone’s microphone; detecting the tiniest, unmistakable movements related to sleep cycles: from light, to deep, to rem sleep.

Sleepscore helps you sleep better

“Sleep affects all facets of people’s health, and yet there has been no easy way to accurately measure or track it everywhere we sleep — until now,” Colin Lawlor, CEO of SleepScore Labs, said in a statement. “We’ve been developing this technology longer than the iPhone has existed. We’re excited that for the first time, virtually everyone can get a truer picture of their sleep health for free and make smarter decisions about how to get a more restful night’s sleep.”

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The use’s nightly sleep quality score is broken down by the app within a number of different areas like total sleep and duration of sleep cycle, time to fall asleep, and interruptions in sleep.

Free users will receive sleep quality tips, a seven-night sleep record, and discounted recommendations to SleepScore’s other products. Those who choose the premium version, a $5.99 monthly subscription, will receive a more complete sleep history which they can share with doctors, more personalized sleep recommendations and education, and support for special challenge goals to drive sleeping health, among other features.

The app is an alternative to the company’s SleepScore Max, a $149.99 device that similarly monitors a user’s sleep habits without the need for direct contact.

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